10 Eye Roll Worthy Things You Secretly Enjoy

Somewhere between love and hate is a feeling called love/hate. Or hate/love. We all feel it at times, and when embraced, it can produce the craziest amount of joy. This bizarro emotion applies to things that we label as super obnoxious, yet we can’t help but indulge.

Part of the fun of the love/hate phenomenon is sharing this paradoxical passion with others. This is why we live tweet while hate-watching certain TV shows or movies (“Peter Pan Live,” I’m looking at you.)

So get ready to work those eye muscles. Here are ten things you can’t help but enjoy, much to your own resentment:

1. The music you love to hate to love.

This differs for every person. For some, T-Swift is a genuine passion; for others, she’s a total guilty pleasure. Other artists in this camp: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha.

Sometimes, singular songs fall into this category. These are songs that the tipsy version of you loves because you know all the words! “Sober you” would definitely snort in disgust, but when you’re hitting the dance floor, it’s a whole different ball game. “All About That Bass” during the day? No. At night? Yasss.

2. Ladies – leggings are pants, right?

No matter what you boast about this topic, you love a good leggings/t-shirt combo. It starts off with a simple hangout at home; you rationalize that you’re not out in public, so it’s okay. It then progresses to “I’m just running out to Trader Joes,” which then evolves to pretty much every other activity. Let’s just give in and end this debate already. Leggings are totally the equivalent of pants.

3. On a similar note – anything involving furry boots.

You might turn your nose up at the girls pairing their Uggs with miniskirts (I mean, I guess this is kind of impractical.) That said, you also know that furry shoes are entirely comfy. You wish there wasn’t such a “basic” stigma attached to them and you secretly want a pair of driving moccasins a la Schmidt from “New Girl.”

4. Reality TV.

“The Bachelor” is just the beginning. You find yourself binge-watching wedding shows, “Dance Moms,” and literally anything involving a Kardashian. You love to groan and cringe in embarrassment. You get off on thinking, “thank goodness that’s not me!” Regardless of whether you are watching with the intent of snark, you are still tuning in every week. Your DVR is set every Monday night to find out who Prince Farming will send home, and you would be remiss if you didn’t read the hilarious recaps the day after.

5. Those people you can’t stand on social media.

For every social media account you have, there’s at least five people you absolutely cannot even with anymore. One might ask, why not unfollow or defriend them? Duh. If you did, what material would you use for screenshot texts? You love ragging on these people for various reasons, and perhaps it’s because they make you feel better about your own lives. But you’d rather not think about that, so instead, keep on screenshotting those #blessed posts.

6. Smoothies/juicing/other “gym rat” behavior.

Yeah, you roll your eyes at the excessive protein shake pictures on your insta feed. She’s drinking another green juice? He’s at the gym again? Shocking! But tbh, you feel pretty good about yourself when you do all these things for yourself. Whenever you actually find yourself drinking a kale and pineapple smoothie, you feel overwhelmed with the strange desire to take a photo of it. You’re basically being possessed by some kind of green juice devil, or at least that’s what it feels like. Ultimately, you feel proud of your choices, even if its as simple as choosing flax over frappuccinos.

7. PDA

You can swear up and down that you hate PDA until your face turns blue, but when you’re totally crazy in love and your significant other grabs your hand, it inevitably unleashes a ton of butterflies. PDA is one of those things that you hate when it’s anyone but you.

8. Over the top romcoms.

You may wax cynical about Hollywood love and how unrealistic it is, and you may roll your eyeballs all the way into your brains when you see the trailer for the latest Nicholas Sparks movie, but deep down, you enjoy a decent feel-good flick every now and then. Sometimes you want to sit down and watch “Maid In Manhattan,” okay? And no one should ever make you feel bad about it!

9. Ikea trips.

This might be reserved for the masochists, but everyone loves to complain about Ikea. Of course, the only way to sufficiently complain about Ikea is to actually go to Ikea. You then need to purchase a complicated furniture item, spend ten hours putting it together, and (this part is mandatory) have several pieces left over. You may or may not have also been suckered into a stuffed animal impulse purchase. Only then are you fully qualified to growl and moan about Ikea, while secretly enjoying the entire process. And the coffee.

10. Lifetime movies.

Probably the cheesiest of all made-for-tv movies, Lifetime films hold a special entry in this list. You are a dirty, dirty liar if you proclaim that you’ve never actively watched an entire Lifetime movie and enjoyed it. Come on, “The Babysitter’s Seduction” was basically predicting Stephen Collins’ future and it had Felicity in it. You can’t find a better combination than that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Jennifer

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