10 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Basic This Winter


Unless you live in the deep south, chances are you’re currently gearing up for winter. Meaning, it’s time to break out the sweaters, dig through closets for those coats, and transition into holiday mode… But it’s also time for biting cold temperatures, snow that eventually turns yellow or brown, and sunset before you even leave the office.

Yeah, there’s a lot of reasons to despise winter. Whether you have to dig out your car or trek through snowbanks to the subway, snow can lose its appeal quickly. I know, and as a Bostonian, I feel your pain.

Luckily, there’s some ways to appreciate the wintertime as well. Bring out your inner fashionista with some snow bunny styles, or embrace the little kid in you with nostalgic winter activities. Remember, winter lasts until the end of March (that’s four whole months from now) which is quite a long time to be grumpy, so go ahead, purchase that ugly sweater and fuzzy slippers. Winter is here, and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Here’s 10 ways to let go of the winter hostility and have some fun:

1. Rock the long sweater with leggings. Sweaters and leggings might be the comfiest items of clothing ever invented. Bonus of cold weather: you can make this fashionable and chic for work. Is there anything better than feeling like you’re wearing pajamas in the office while still looking hot?

2. Indulge in holiday coffee drinks. For some reason, gingerbread lattes just taste like winter. You don’t have to Instagram your Starbucks red cup if you don’t want to, but treat yourself to an afternoon festive brew. For a lighter option, ask your barista for your favorite roast with one pump of gingerbread syrup. My signature Starbucks order this time of year is a venti blonde roast with one pump of gingerbread and soy. Try it — you won’t regret it.

3. Buy a pair of snow boots. Going out into the snow doesn’t have to be treacherous if you’re feeling cute while doing it! Plus, investing in a good pair of boots will keep your feet warm and dry during storms. It’s basically a win-win all around.

4. On that note: get some boot socks! Boot socks are possibly the most adorable winter accessory ever invented. Wear these socks over leggings or jeans, and choose a pair that peek out over your favorite boots. They also look great over textured tights. Bonus points if they are frilly on top!

5. Change up your hair color or style. Winter is the best season to rock a set of bangs — they won’t stick to your face or get sweaty, like they would in the summer. I personally believe bangs look good on everyone — there are so many options: blunt bangs, wispy bangs, side-bangs, asymmetrical bangs. The list goes on forever! Plus, they look awfully cute poking out from underneath a beanie! Feeling ambitious? Dye your hair a darker shade or get some balayage highlights!

6. Get a winter gel mani. The coldest months inspire some of the hottest nail color trends. Go for a dark shade, like an emerald, charcoal grey, or a deep sapphire. To add a festive holiday twist, opt for nail art with some silver sparkles.

7. Be a kid again: make a gingerbread house. Grab some of your best friends and build gingerbread houses together. Purchase a pre-packaged kit, or find a DIY tutorial online. Put on Christmas music if you’re really feeling the holiday spirit, and make sure you have extra candy on hand (you know you’ll end up eating some). Alternatively, check out the restaurants and bars in your city to see if any of them are having gingerbread house parties (Boston’s 75 Chestnut is my favorite).

8. Plan a winter wonderland weekend getaway. Drive to the nearest winter resort for a weekend of skiing or snow-tubing. If you’re in the New England area, head to Vermont or New Hampshire for literally dozens of options. Short on cash? Create your own sled with trays, old-school style, and have a sled-fest in your best friend’s backyard.

9. Choose to get excited about the first snowfall. Yeah, sometimes happiness is a choice. Pull a Lorelai Gilmore and celebrate the first sight of snow. According to the gospel according to all things Gilmore, the first snowfall of the year brings good luck and is a sign of positive things to come. Some hot cocoa and a midnight stroll to catch flakes on your tongue couldn’t hurt either.

10. Get really, really into the holiday spirit. Be that person who decorates to the extreme. Make your apartment look like the North Pole exploded inside it. Hand out peppermint bark at the office.  Or, throw it back to the early 2000s and have a Seth Cohen-inspired Chrismukkah party (Death Cab music optional). It sounds a little cheesy, but sometimes just the act of being excited about something (even if it’s pretend) can make you feel good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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