20 Questions That Pretty Little Liars Needs To Answer NOW

Warning: Spoilers through current season.

1. Is Noel Kahn bad, good, or playing for both sides? A couple of episodes ago, Ali mentions that Noel might be giving her a ride somewhere, but Mona seems to have her claws in him too. Which team is he on?

2. What ever happened to Ali’s pregnancy? Was it just a scare? Did Board Shorts aka Beach Hottie aka Ezra (ugh) actually impregnate her?

3. What connection, if any, exists between the N.A.T. Club and the A-team?

4. How could the Liars really think that Shana was Uber A when she only came into existence in Season 3?

5. Does anyone on the A-Team actually know who Uber A is?

6. Which characters were a part of the kung-fu A’s that attacked the Liars in New York?

7. If Cece was pretending to be Red Coat, and Ali was pretending to be Red Coat, who is the actual Red Coat?

8. Are Red Coat and Black Widow the same person? And, similarly, are Bethanny’s killer, Ali’s attempted killer, and Uber A all the same person?

9. Where did the Tom Cruise lookalike detective go? Is he still on the case?

10. What is Wren’s deal? And why did A have his prescription pads back in Season 4?

11. Who was Mrs. DiLaurentis protecting?

12. What is Jason’s story? And why was he spying on his sister during the days of the N.A.T. Club? Why hasn’t anyone addressed how pervy and weird that is?

13. What did Melissa whisper in her father’s ear at the police station? What are they hiding? (Also — did Melissa put the rat in Paige’s locker?)

14. Will we ever learn more about Ali’s involvement with Ravenswood and Mrs. Grunwald?

15. How did a random girl get buried in the DiLaurentis backyard and why was this girl ID’d as Ali? Did they just go off Mrs. D’s word when she caught sight of the yellow top? Was any DNA testing done? If so, did someone tamper with the body? Or…

16. …are Bethanny and Ali twins?!?!?!???!!! Or at least related?

17. Will we ever learn more about Toby’s mother’s stay in Radley? And what’s the connection between Toby’s mother and Bethanny”

18. Speaking of Radley — there’s been suspicions among the PLL fan base that Radley Sanitarium is an anagram containing the DiLaurentis last name. Are we going to learn some creepy backstory with Radley that will tie some loose ends together?

19. What’s the real story behind Eddie Lamb? And why does he talk to Ezra and no one else?

20. And lastly, probably the biggest question: why won’t the girls ever just tell the police? Putting aside the fact that Rosewood Police Department doesn’t seem to employ the brightest, wouldn’t it be wise to report when, say, someone tries to strangle you with a scarf? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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