This Is Why Millennials Should Never Be Underestimated / Todor Tsvetkov / Todor Tsvetkov

Millennials are broadly defined as those born in the late 70s to mid 90s. They are defined as tech savy, educated, and often have a sense of personal entitlement. This group of individuals is often feared by the baby boomers for their different approach on life and potential to shake things up in the work space.  —And they will ” shake things up”. Strategies and research has been developed for years in order to “prepare” for this game changing group.

News flash they are here and truly taking the world by storm. Some are just entering the job world with a fancy college degree, some are climbing the ladder, while others are sitting in executive positions. But what is more common is they are starting their own entrepreneurial tech ventures that are booming, and guess what They do not want to work for you.

Millennials have seen the world change numerous times right before their eyes, giving them a much different outlook on life. They have seen previous generations “work their life away” or  ” survive the rat race” and they do not want that same life.

Millennials are giving up and walking away from high paying jobs to do things baby boomers can not grasp – travel the world, teach abroad, go back to school, pick up their life and move for nothing more than the experience, create an app, go on a yoga retreat, volunteer for a charity, open a vegan cafe and so, so much more.

They want to live, experience life, and learn. They want to feel fulfilled, excited and have an opportunity to get to know themselves.

Something other generations did not often take the time to do. They will live on nothing, with nothing, for the opportunity to experience life. They want stories to share, memories to laugh at and more than anything they want to have FUN. They are social, creative, interactive and engaged,  if they feel like your company is adding to the value and happiness of their life, not consuming it.  They want their job to be an experience.

So the newest app, the slickest website, or the quarterly corporate retreat will not be enough to keep them. In order to engage, attract and retain millennials you need to change your culture.  Make sure it is one where they are valued, excited, and feel a sense of purpose. Look at some of the top brands today where “young people want to work for” Get rid of routine- routine is boring- and more than anything millennials want to have fun and enjoy life.

They will place their happiness before anything else.

Gone are the days when employees were just numbers that produced a quota and played by the rules.  Millennials will write their own rules ( and might even take a #selfie while doing so )

Work should feel like play. And i guarantee you once you make it feel like so, you will reap the benefits this creative generation has to offer. Their minds are much more advanced and they offer a unique perspective, they are what will take your company to the next level. Don’t put them in a box or make them conform to your boring culture. Your ways are the old ways.

Stop fearing them.  Start valuing them. They are the future.
 And they have the upper hand to choose where they want to work, the dollar sign just won’t cut it. Will they choose you? And if they work for  you now, they are just gaining experience and They will leave you. If you do not satisfy what their desire for a better, more enjoyable quality of life.  Your first task is to welcome change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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