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How Easy It Was To Let Me Go

i could have ran a mile to the finish line,

but you wouldn’t be there at the end.

i could have crossed lakes to watch the sunrise,

but you wouldn’t cross it back with me.

you no longer were my sun that rose

when your eyes no longer looked at me

as before,

when you no longer wondered about me,

i wasn’t who you wanted anymore.

it’s disastrous how damaged i was

to make a home out of you,

when i should have made a home out of myself.

questioning if i was good enough

brought me sleepless nights,

soaked pillow sheets,

and aching days.

i devoted my all,

but at the end you determine to shatter it

even if you knew

it would destroy me.

maybe we could’ve made it

towards the end of the galaxy,

to the infinite of the stars,

but there was only the silence of you

not saying enough words.

or effort into facing me.

times where i was at my lowest

didn’t even make you worry.

you loved me,

just not enough.

the only lingering thought

in your mind,

was you giving up.

i can’t believe how easy it was

for you to say those words,

without a care in the world.

i now open my eyes to my worth

that i’ve gained from

the aching you brought.

the healing has started,

day by day,

little by little,

i will come out unbroken

from this.

it has only made me stronger,

by going through another

obstacle in life

where i pick myself up.

i value myself more,

i enjoy my solitude

keeping myself with my

family and friends

who encourage me

to stand tall

with my head held high,

my caring heart,

and my blissful smile.

you used to be my sun that rose,

but not anymore.

20 yr/o college student who loves to express herself through words.

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