8 Types Of Parents You Find At Amusement Parks

Flickr / Brian Holland
Flickr / Brian Holland

Summer is here and it’s vacation season, but sometimes the most amusing parts of the theme parks are the people visiting, especially when you work there.

1. The Screamers

Their children are hot, tired and too stubborn to listen to anything, yet the parents continue to scream their lungs out in a vain attempt to control their child’s behavior. It fails miserably.

2. The ‘Let Them Run Free’

These parents have given up completely and they run the risk of losing their children in exchange for a few moments of sanity. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll find them eventually or at least hear the nice announcement from guest services

3. The Worriers

These ones are a scared of the germs, the seat belts on the roller-coasters, the food, the stairs, and the very air within the theme park. They should have stayed at home.

4. The Leash Parents

They were smart enough to attach their small children to leashes disguised as stuffed animal backpacks, and they can bring them closer in when crowds get aggressive. With a backpack, a fanny pack and a leash in each hand these parents might be a light jumpy but they are ready for war or Disneyworld.

5. Parents Of Teenager

It was hard enough to coax the teenagers into the car on a family vacation and the battle stops at trying to detach them from smartphone that is permanently fixed between their hands and eyes.

6. The Photographer

This parent needs everyone moment on film, from the first time the kid sees a whale, rides a ride or even walks into a public restroom, you need to watch out for these parents they’ll probably run into you while they hold the camera in front of their face

7. Just As Excited As The Kids

The mom or dad who makes you smile because their enthusiasm is contagious, they are just as thrilled to see the animals or exhibits or ride the rides as their children (if not, more!) are and it warms your heart to see such excitement and connection.

8. The Park Professionals

They don’t need a map, they’ve got plenty of water, snacks and hand sanitizer, their kids all have matching shirts and they have their own, rather loud, bird call to find one another. It’s the artistic aspect of theme park parenting and they have mastered it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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