This Is Why Gossip Is For Small-Minded People

I was strolling along the streets of Liverpool in June last year during my Overseas Immersion Programme, when I noticed this graffiti sprayed art, which said-

“Great minds discuss ideas. Mediocre minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884 – 1962.

God knows why but that saying resonates something in me. I cannot helped but to ask myself “how often do I engage in mindless gossip?” and “How often do I waste precious time either listening or partaking with others in gossiping about people? When in actual fact, those people own private lives does not and will not even affect me at all!”

Like how Alice fell down the rabbit hole, I fell deep into my thoughts, but with a growing sense of self-awareness.

There will be a point in life where you need to re-evaluate the quality of people around you as the saying by Jim Rohn goes: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

In addition, like what the Law of Attraction states: “You attract who you’re being”.

I made a mental note to observe and to listen carefully about what exactly are the people in my life talking about regularly and what was usually being discussed just between the both of us.

I noticed that the people who speak with strong conviction, with sincerity, who see the good in others, in dire situations, are the ones who do not engage in gossip. They are the kind of people who do not bother too much about what others think of them, who see the good in everything and everyone regardless of the situation that they are in and of course, who are always beaming with joy and looking into the future with optimism.

I want to be like them. Happy, down-to-earth, forgiving, genuine, appreciative and kind-hearted.

There is a vast range of conversation topics that one could possibly have that can most definitely help one to grow as a person, intellectually and mentally as it stimulates your thinking by having interesting, insightful discussions or debate sessions. It shows depth other than adding on superficiality.

For the love of God, try to skip the small talk but give gossiping a huge miss as it will only make one narrow-minded by hindering your personal growth and not serving your purpose in life.

After all, life is meant to be lived to the fullest instead of caring way too much about the trivial matters- including mindless gossip. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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