A Day In The Life Of Being In Love

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I’m lying in bed thinking about you. We had a great night. We ate breakfast for dinner and watched hockey together. A gay couple watching hockey is funny, but I loved it. I felt my love for you the whole time we were sitting together and getting excited about a sport we know nothing about. After the game I stayed up late working, but came over to cuddle every time I started to miss you. Now it’s time for bed. I know I won’t miss you while I’m sleeping, but I’ll realize I missed you when I wake up. To be continued…


I’m up and you’re getting ready. Shirt, check. Tie, check. Shoes, check. Handsome, very! You told me I look good when I’m sleeping. You must be right, because sleeping while you get ready seems to earn me a lot of attention from you. Now it’s time for you to go to work. I’ll see you tonight.


I’m half way through the workday. I’ve been so busy I forgot to think about you, but then it came over me in a rush. I miss you! I emailed you a picture of two kittens walking down a street titled “You + Me = Pals” (see below).I can tell you missed me too. Now I wish I could kiss you. Until later I guess…


Work got busy then I went out with friends. I don’t like knowing that I won’t see you ‘till later, but I like knowing that you’ll think about me and text me. I probably won’t get your texts though. You know how I am with my phone. <3


Oops. I left my phone in my bag! I just got you’re texts when I started missing you and remembered I didn’t have my phone! Now I think its time to go home and cuddle, because suddenly being here doesn’t seem as fun as being with you. I’ll ride my bike faster tonight.


I made it home quickly. You smiled when I walked in the door. I hope you smile when you read this, too. I love you. TC mark

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  • Ella

    I was looking forward to reading this after I saw the title, but this was pretty weak. 

  • Jen

    aww yeah I agree with Ella. I was expecting little detailed cute anecdotes, and something more sentimental.

  • Brian

    i thought it was kind of sweet, it reminds me of how i feel about my boyfriend. try to put yourself in his situation and if you haven’t had a relationship like that yet look forward to when it gets to this point

  • http://twitter.com/jemmehlee Jamie ❤ 。◕

    This is the 5th day in right? 

    This should be written when its 10,000th day in love :P

  • Gaylord

    i stopped reading at gay

  • egle

    I did not enjoy reading this in the least.

  • Really?

    Was this actually an article by an adult?

    I love a gay love story as much as the next ‘mo, but this is atrocious. There are no interesting details. There are no unique features. There is no point. “You’re” as a possessive. “<3". "<3"?! Really? Does Thought Catalog have ANY screening process any more?

    This reads like it was written by a criminally unfunny version of Kelly Kapoor. Just awful.

    • Mr Shankly

      Yeah but it’s okay because it’s about gays and stuff.

    • Mr Shankly

      Yeah but it’s okay because it’s about gays and stuff.

  • Anonymous


  • Al


  • chloe

    This is the sweetest. I love it.

  • http://twitter.com/allygarrett Ally Garrett

    If  it’s a gay love story, why the hetero figurines?

  • Jacob

    wheres the cat picture I was promised?

  • Frida

    Nice and simple. I liked it.

  • http://twitter.com/McBeachey Matt Beachey

    sometimes thought catalog is great. sometimes it reminds me of my xanga days. cringe.

  • boredinlondon

    FUCK I wish I was this happy x

  • boredinlondon

    FUCK I wish I was this happy x

  • Whitney

    To be honest, I got the impression that this was making fun of “being in love”? because of the simpleness/lack of detail/lack of word choice that made me believe the writer, like an empty obsession with the other person that they call “love”. Or that could have just been a really cynical approach to reading this… so if not then I guess I just wasn’t super convinced or see the significance in this article.

  • Anonymous

  • Bro

    “but then it came over me in a rush.”

    I’m sure it did.

  • Lovely

    Terrible. Please don’t write again.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=707272007 Alex Thayer

    this could have been about a trillion times more interesting

  • Jordan

    Nice composition.

    The picture, I mean.

  • Jordan

    Nice composition.

    The picture, I mean.

  • Buck

    Seeing this title on Thought Catalog got me excited for a vivid description of “summer-love” that we can all, hopefully, can relate to.

    Instead, I read an awkward journal entry that only implied more than friendship by using “I miss you,” “<3," and "I love you."

    And who doesn't check their phone?

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