Why I Sit Quietly As You Bash Lady Gaga

Because you should really be applying all of your judgments and insults to yourself.

If there’s one thing I hate more than listening to people complain, it’s listening to them complain about Lady Gaga. You call her overrated, weird, ugly, fugly, talentless, over-the-top, fake, lame, loser, gross, theatrical, stupid, and the list goes on and on. When asked WHY you think that way, you usually say something unintelligent like “Why does she need to dress like that? Like, what’s she trying to prove? She’s just being weird to be weird. It’s so dumb!” Or maybe you say something like “Her songs are so stupid. Judas? Really? What is she talking about? Why is she getting all Jesusy now?” Well, moron, the answer is really quite simple – she’s having fun and being eccentric and you don’t like it because you’re plain, vanilla, boring, lame, talentless, stupid, the list goes on an on.

Somehow after all our hippie parents stopped smoking pot and wearing tie-die t-shirts we were all brainwashed into the most boring generation I’ve ever seen. We spend our teens all wearing the same fucking logos and polos and flip flops and stupid sunglasses with rhinestones on them. We graduate from American Eagle and Abercrombie for slacks and dress shirts and the majority of us sit in plain colored outfits in our cubicles (No, that cute top you got from NY & Company isn’t that big of a deal, but compared to all the other lame vanilla outfits in the room it pops like a drag queen at a bus stop). If you’re not part of the majority who’s been washed out you’re in some other job you hate and have been completely changed into a different person than you were as a child (to all who don’t feel like their life is a settlement, please disregard). Remember being a child? Remember IMAGINATION? Remember having fun doing ANYTHING and when WEIRD was COOL? You would have fucking loved Lady Gaga when you were a kid, but not now. Now you feel uncomfortable with anything you don’t see in the window at the mall. You throw fame at reality TV stars like The Real Housewives and Jersey Shore who just teach you to be selfish, self-centered, snobby, judgmental bitches. Someone like Lady Gaga comes along and you fight to put her down like she’s standing behind you with a knife and is going to kill you if you don’t.

WAKE UP GAGA HATER. She’s standing up for weird. She’s doing whatever the fuck she wants whenever the fuck she wants however the fuck she wants. JEALOUS? You should be! I sure as hell am! Aside from the fact that she’s using her fame to promote acceptance and love to her fan bases (especially young kids) and is actually eloquently spoken and talented if you watch any of her interviews, (which you most likely didn’t, and if you did you said something like “she’s so dumb. She makes no sense! Look at her hair!” the whole time). Maybe you’re the one who needs to get in touch with your inner weird. All the things you think are cool that you’re too ashamed to tell someone else. All the songs on your iPod you’d never play at a party. The websites you visit. The books you read. The movies you watch at home on a Tuesday night. All the thoughts and feelings and interests you hide from your peers, because you’ve been trained to hate anything that’s different. Bring it back to life. Take back your life. I know I sure as hell will.

Bring out your inner Gaga and stop being such a hater. TC mark


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  • Dan

    way to get people to click on the link with the controversial header. shit article though

    • Kali

      It reads more like a blog post, really.

      • Moi

        Beacuse…::::GASP:::: it IS a blog post?

      • MOI


      • SD

        No worse way to undermine yourself than fucking up a sarcastic reply.

      • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/fapfapmofo The Bitchrake

    Um, thanks, but I spent my teens wearing what I wanted. Not all of us were mindless brand-whores and trend followers.
    I dislike Gaga because her music is boring and she's trying too hard to be controversial. I respect that she has made a name for herself out of doing what she loves, but it's not for me.
    Don't you worry, Gaga can stand up for herself; she doesn't need angry little peons like you writing bad articles on her behalf.

    • Amissa Brewer

      Couldn't agree more! This article makes so many assumptions about the reader. There are multiple reasons to dislike a musical artist. Gaga has actually gotten more boring over the years

    • http://twitter.com/brooklyknight David Trahan

      For someone who chooses to call herself “The Bitchrake” you seem to be angry as well.

      • http://twitter.com/fapfapmofo The Bitchrake

        Never said I wasn't. I get even more angry when I get lumped into a group of people I actively avoid because they are sheep.
        Good for you if you needed a major pop celebrity to realise you don't have to be a sheep, but some of us figured that one out before high school.Gaga is a trend, and she is on her way out.


    Couldn't agree more.

  • AC

    I don't hate her, I just find her music boring, conventional and trite. She's Justin Bieber for twenty and thirty somethings who still think like alienated teens.

  • asctx

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=300901223 Nicolette Beach

    So basically someone submitted a bad Gawker or PerezHilton reader comment as content to be published? I'm glad to see standards have been lowered. Hold on, I just have to go type up that angsty poem about not being able to drive yet that I wrote when I was 15 and click 'submit'.

  • Guest

    This article is fucking terrible.

  • CUinNYC

    What's with her horns? Seriously, she wasn't born that way….

  • SD

    Photoshopping yourself into a bike =/= IMAGINATION, WEIRD, COOL etc

    • Aelya

      Thank God I'm not the only one who went WTF at her transforming into a motorcyle

  • newbornrodeo

    “Judas” is the best song of the year.

  • http://ethecofem.com Bema

    This article inspired me to listen to “Born This Way”.

    Yet again.

  • just me

    Thanks! but are you sure you're you're describing people who don't like Lady Gaga? to me it sounded just like a description of Tea Party followers! ;)

  • Bobbyoneil99

    This didn't have any merit until the very end. Up until then it was an embarassing rant that was written as if you were angry at the reader instead of the random person hating on Lady Gaga. If you're thinking that the hate you will get over this article will be lady gaga hating conformists who just don't “get it” just look at the way you wrote it and realize it has everything to do with how angry and one-sided this article is.

    For the record I do actually like Lady Gaga but there is no denying that she is overrated. People treat her like she's a goddess and while I certaintly appreciate and admire the message she spreads and her commitment to not giving a fuck I just can't say that her music is anything special.

    Of course this is just my opinion and I would never publish an article calling out/insulting all Lady Gaga supporters. That would just be in bad taste.

    • http://twitter.com/brooklyknight David Trahan

      If you like Lady Gaga this isn't directed at you then, is it? It's supposed to be written that way. you're supposed to read it as if it's written to the person (or people) who are hating.

      • http://twitter.com/fapfapmofo The Bitchrake

        We can hate without being the people described in this “article”. We can also hate for different reasons than described in the “article”.

  • Mr. White

    Not liking Gaga makes me a bland person with a suppressed imagination? Yeeah, I need to follow a popstar to feel like I'm alive and SO DIFFERENT OMG.

  • faith

    Dig Gaga, don't dig this article. Feels like a rant a teenager would put in a five part status on Facebook.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1363230138 Michael Koh

      Because it is.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4JQMF7OQYHN237ZKBJHIBPZ7UY Rick Z

    It is sweet that TC now allows you to crosspost poorly thought out all-caps rants from your personal livejournal. Still, I'm left wondering if you feel quixotic.

  • r3t0dd

    The only person making bullshit assumptions is the “writer” (I flinched a little when I wrote that word) when he assumes to understand reasons for not liking Lady Gaga.  No worries. Mental midgets and fans of pop music (definitely not mutually exclusive) use strawman arguments all the time. LEt me see if I can sort it out.

    Lady Gaga's music is just like every other top 40 pop-music abortion in this country: boring and designed to milk the masses out of their money. No more. No less. She is a product and you are a mindless consumer. End of fucking story.  

    I couldn't give less of a shit about the way she looks or dresses or presents herself. I saw all that the first time when she was called “Madonna” (and still sucked).

    • r3t0dd

      So to summarize: She is a hack and you are a drone.

  • Björn

    This is probably the worst article that's ever been published on Thought Catalog. Lady Gaga is just another pop icon, and David Trahan seems to be just another lamb of the big integral herd that is today's society.

    • http://twitter.com/sophiakiona Sophia Anderson

      The slutwalk article was worse, but this one is pretty close.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PlaceboDomingo Maa' Hes

    look up pictures of her looking weird from before she was famous.

    oh wait….there aren't any. that might be because she was just some girl before a record company decided they would hooker her out in their own original, madona-esque way.

    I wonder whether the person writing this article is either too young to know who madona is, or too blind to see how much more of a fad this is than any brand or logo has ever been.

  • Winnie

    I just watched an interview of hers circa Just Dance/Paparazzi and she sounded so normal and likeable. I liked her then. Now she talks in this pretentious way that I just can't stand. Hate it when she fakes it.

  • Teukros

    Looks like everyone covered most of the relevant comment material here already.

    Gaga is Madonna, and more so with every new single.

  • guest

    I would like to add my two cents to the discussion.  Simply because Gaga is a Pop artists owned by a major record label does not automatically make her a trend and also does not automatically make her bland.  I would agree that the majority of her music is rather plain (DIGITALLY). she has admitted before in interviews that a major element of her work is the performance art aspect and that her songs really cannot stand alone without it.  This I agree with.  Look up her live acoustic videos of her singing and playing at the piano.  It shows an extraordinary talent.  Even when she is not playing the piano and she is dancing, her voice is so powerful and the theatrics of her performances are really cool. Honestly, if she did not have the voice and the stage presence (plus or minus the outfits) her songs could not stand alone, UNLESS she did them acoustically. 
    That's just one person's opinion, though. Take it as you will.

    • r3t0dd

      If your music doesn't stand alone, what's the point of releasing an album? Wouldn't the diminished experience tarnish your artistic reputation and miss what you're going for anyway?

      I mean, unless you're just another product trying to make a buck off a sucker. If that's the case, by all means commodify yourself in any way possible. Cha-CHING!


      • otro

        hmmm, I don't necessarily fully agree with you.  It's a different form of art.  Honestly, most artists music today cannot stand alone….or at least what you hear in the top 40.  I would say that her digital music (not her live stuff) is successful as dance music.

  • mikeylikey

    Brilliant. The comments were a lot more insightful than the actual article.

  • Lividol

    Well, I liked the article.

  • Joe

    But… why do you sit quietly? Maybe you should say something to these people. If they can be vocal, so can you!

    • r3t0dd

      If the writer were to vocalize their thoughts, they'd just reveal their lack of any real life experience and the the absurdity of their assumptions. 

      It's safer to just smugly judge others quietly.  You have the benefits of feeling like a superior human being without all the drawbacks of being exposed as a child.

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