We Encountered Something In The Outback And We’re Certain It Wasn’t Anything Human

I used to be an avid camper. I would travel out into the outback and camp out for a day or two. But after this particular incident, I’m not going to go out there again, even with a group of people.

It was last summer — around August, to be precise. There was some pretty bad rain the day before I left home to go camping. My friend, another experienced camper, joined me this time. We were to go in deeper than where I usually camped. The ride out was bumpy and slow — the road was washed out due to some flash floods, but relatively alright nonetheless.

When we made it out there, the sun was just about setting. We gathered up some brush and set it on the damp ground and pitched camp.

My friend lit a fire and we sat around it while eating some jerky. We shot the shit, mostly about our jobs and our girlfriends. It was around this point I got up to go pee. I walked out into the brush.

The brush was tall and thick, so having the fire within my line of sight was important.

All of a sudden, I hear my friend calling my name. I look up and the voice seems to be coming some distance away from camp.

How did he get over there so fast? I thought.

He called my name out again. This time, I sensed urgency in his voice. I called his name and started walking towards the voice. This went on for a little while until something caught be from behind. It tackled me and I yelped in terror.

It was my friend.

His face as serious as you could get and he held a finger to his lips.

Then his voice shouted my name from somewhere.

He slowly stood up, craning his head left and right, as if to search for the source of the voice. He motioned for me to stand up. I realized then that I had lost sight of the camp. I had no idea where I was.

The voice shouted my name again, but it sounded farther away.

We made our way back to camp, and quickly packed up our belongings without saying a word.

Back in the car, my friend broke the silence.

“Whatever it was, it wasn’t human.”

I nodded.

Back home, I couldn’t shake the idea that this creature — or whatever it was — had the ability to call my name, in my friend’s voice no less. I spoke with a local priest, who revealed to me that in the outback, there are evil spirits that prey on people. These spirits lure people away using familiar voices, never to be seen again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz

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