I Was Excited To Marry My Fiancée Until She Played This Joke On Me, Now I Don’t Know How I’ll Ever Trust Her Again


You know how there’s that joke where the husband-to-be is called over to the bride-to-be’s house, but the bride-to-be isn’t there and in her place is her sister and that sister tries to get with the husband-to-be and he excuses himself and runs out the door to the family all gathered outside congratulating him (but really, he left because he kept condoms in his car)? Well, it happened to me.

My fiancée called me on Wednesday and asked me to come over to her girl friend’s apartment. Her friend was having some trouble with her WiFi and me, being in IT, they assumed, would fix the problem in a matter of seconds. It was a short drive over and her friend buzzed me in. I walked up to the stairs to her door and when I knocked, she answered almost immediately, and a little breathless. She wore a revealing top and pajama shorts. I said hi and she let me in. I asked her where my fiancée was, and she said that she had left to run some errands, but would be back in 20 minutes. I shrugged it off and asked her what the problem was. She said she couldn’t connect to the WiFi. I began to ask her what anyone would: Did you restart the router? Is it plugged in?

I was standing in the middle of her living room when she asked me if I thought she was pretty. What the fuck? I thought to myself. Is she having some self-confidence issues? I told her that she looked beautiful and that whoever was fucking around with her is a dope. She batted her eyes at me and then tells me how she’s always had the hots for me and how badly she wanted me then. I stood there in shock. I honestly couldn’t think or say anything. I was floored. What kind of a person says that to her friend’s soon-to-be husband? She came at me and went in for the kiss. She kissed my lips, but I pulled her off and told her I had to be somewhere.

I opened the door to leave and guess who I see, standing out there, with a phone pressed to her ears — my fiancée. It turns out she was listening to the whole conversation. Her mother, her two older sisters and two other friends were there. My fiancée was in tears and her mother was off to the side, quietly smiling. “You passed! You did it!” my fiancée said to me, hugging me, kissing me, like I came back from a war. She kept saying how glad she finally met “the One” and that I passed this test. I felt queasy, but I managed to smile through all of it. The girl friend that “came on” to me, apologized and said she was really glad that I was marrying her best friend.

I finally got the courage up to say that I wasn’t feeling well and left. I left them at that apartment, turned off my phone, and I haven’t been back to our apartment or attempted to call my fiancée since.

I am so disgusted by this and I feel extremely violated. Should I call the wedding off? If they couldn’t trust me then, how will they trust me later? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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