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I Met Someone New Today

I have to practice what I preach, and leave this baggage behind me. I have to join the masses and masses of people who just simply have the fundamental understanding that things end.

This Is How I’ll Miss You On New Year’s

At 11:59 I begin to miss the Snapchats I used to receive from you. I begin to miss your little hands, and your brown hair. At 11:59 I suddenly remember what the perfume you used to put on smells like. I compare the scent of your perfume to the girl standing in front of me looking into my eyes because she wants me to be her new year’s kiss, and it doesn’t suffice.

How To Get Used To Living Without Her

It no longer becomes a battle to wake up thinking about what you were desperately trying to forget the night before. All the apathy and indifference you once displayed towards anything that didn’t have to do with her eventually goes away.

Am I Ever Going To Get Over You?

I wish I had some way to thank you. If I did I would thank you for showing me how it feels to be loved. You came into my life in a time where I felt no one could love me but yet you somehow did. And I know I never got to call you my girlfriend, but at least your heart was mine.

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