University Lovers

Amy Humphries
Amy Humphries

“Hey my lecture ends in 15, let’s get lunch?” Texts like this could be exchanged frequently between me and you. We go to a school with over 20,000 people, but I would be fine it was just us two. You and I should be university lovers, there’s so much we could do.

Like going to basketball games to join the crowd that’s wearing all gold. Or get drunk together at the college bars, at least until that gets old. We could go to the library, to the floors where no one goes. I kiss you once, you kiss me twice; no one has to know.

University lovers you and I should be, but we don’t hang out and we don’t really talk. So I guess we’ll have to see. You send me a snap, I send you one back. That might be the best we can do. But if we were university lovers, I’d call you up to see if you could come through.

Our schedules don’t match, so there goes that. It’s so hard to coordinate plans. I want you and you want him, this is completely out of my hands. She texts me and he texts you, that’s how this story ends. University lovers, I know it won’t happen.
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