6 Stupidly Simple Steps To Unlocking Success

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The road to fulfilling a dream is always under construction; it’s undoubtedly stricken with potholes and speed bumps. Obstacles are to be expected, but what you do after you encounter them is what matters most.

It’s about getting out there and creating outcomes, not wishing for them. If you’re truly passionate about your vision and possess the motivation for consistent follow-through despite the challenges, you will achieve the success you desire, 100% guaranteed.

Yes, you will get rejected. Yes, you will hit walls in your progress. Yes, negativity and self-doubt will be on your heels with every step.

The key is that we mustn’t let any of it deter us from the destination we strive to reach; Rejection? Try again. Speed bump? Drive over it. Negativity? Replace it with positivity and silver linings.

1. Positivity

You must face adversity, negativity, and disheartening circumstances in order to combat them with the positivity that will carry the torch of your dreams ultimately manifesting them into reality.

There is no success without struggle. An optimistic mindset makes the impossible seem possible, and that’s all you need; plant the seed of self-belief to set you down the path of progression.

Positivity, this powerful word has the ability to combat our darkest hours. Adversity is only opportunity in disguise. Trust that you will make it and you will.

2 & 3. Perseverance and Persistence

The image that really resonates is the depiction of two men in separate, side-by-side frames digging for diamonds. We can see that the diamonds are just inches away, if only they would both dig for a few more minutes.

The man in the left frame gives up. The man in the right frame continues and gets to the diamonds. If only the man in the left frame knew that he was only inches away before he quit — that’s success in a nutshell.

We are blind to the future; the fog only dissipates when we arrive in the present moment. The key isn’t in what you’re getting right, it’s staying the course when things go awry.

Take a glance any successful person’s story in business, sports, music, and etcetera. Understand that for every game won, songs that made it onto the final album cut, a person who’s made their millionth dollar, have numerous failed attempts and fell short more times than they could count.

Life will stick out a leg and trip you just as the finish line’s in sight. It’s only in the midst of your setbacks that you will appreciate the gravity of your comebacks. It may take a week of rain for you to appreciate the warmth of the sun again.

4. Progress

One tiny step is better than no step at all. One is always greater than zero in every instance. Anything moving towards your goal or working on the best version of yourself starts with that first step. By focusing on ANY progress takes the pressure off yourself, combating the feeling of failure and the pressure of having everything at once.

Progress can even reveal itself in form of criticisms so you know how to improve moving forward. Progress means everything when creating a dream. The relentless pursuit of consistent improvement is what separates the great from the ordinary.

The wonderful thing about progress is that you don’t have to hit the bull’s-eye every time you set out to put in some work. It’s all a learning experience; the more you do, the more you learn, and the more you try, the more you’ll succeed.

5. Practice

You don’t practice because you’re great; you practice because you want to be. You don’t practice because you’re strong; you practice because you were once weak. You don’t practice because you are wise; you do it because you were once foolish. You don’t practice because you’re fearless; you practice because you were once afraid.

Improving the overall quality of your life requires practicing honesty with yourself, and practicing habits that prove to be useful to your progression.

Put in the hours even when you don’t want to. This is also what separates the great from the good and the expert from novice.

Malcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours to master your craft. Anything sounds impossible if you look at that number and expect to hit it any faster than you’re meant to.

Start chipping away today. Become so good at what you do, that people have no choice but to notice you, and never let your mouth do the talking. Let your work speak for itself.

6. Patience 

Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. It’s the efforts put forth, day in and day out, over and over that produces results. There’s a reason why we hear the phrase, “patience is a virtue,” because it’s true and it’s also continually developmental.

You aren’t born naturally being okay with not getting what you want when you want it. Especially in today’s society; the rise of easy accessibility makes it unbelievably difficult to be patient when everything is at our fingertips.

Instant gratification is the nemesis self-confidence. If you’re used to getting things immediately, when something meaningful comes along you may begin to feel like you’re not good enough for not achieving it as fast as you thought you should.

You might think there’s something wrong with you for not getting it as quickly as you might have expected. This notion is blatantly incorrect and you must dispel any thoughts of wrongdoing on your behalf.

Take a deep breath and find solace in the truth that everything that should be, will be… in time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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