Here’s What Your Most-Used Facebook Reaction Says About Your Personality

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In 2016, Facebook released a handful of siblings for the ageless “Like” button — a family of core human emotions labeled “The Facebook Reactions.”

Unbeknownst to most of the world, the social media giant gave us six categories of personalities. Every friend group has at least one of the Reactions in it. And the one you use the most definitely has a thing or two to say about who you really are.


You are the Luke Skywalker of the group. Or, for the Pixar Animation aficionados, the Joy of the bunch. Innocent, noble, and positive. You’re full of life. Zeal. Bike ride? Yes. Go to the park? Of course. An extrovert, at least on the outside, you’re good at getting along with people and enjoy parties without overdoing it. People wonder why you’re in such a good mood all the time.


You’re deeply driven by what you believe in. Your passion leads you to do creative and, what others might call, “wild” things even to the point of sacrificing your comfort and sanity. Love isn’t neat or orderly, it’s a cannon ball from the Black Pearl splintering through the balsa wood status-quo of the Commodore’s ship. And you recognize this trait in other Loves. Just don’t fall in love with one. You’re too similar. Which either leads to the loudest, fiercest sex you’ll ever know, or — the worst.


It actually takes a great deal of wit and intelligence to make people laugh. You’re not silly or stupid. It’s not the eighties anymore. You’re dry and zingy; a mud-slinger like Ironman with strong command of the sarcastic tongue. Ellen Degeneres could use her quickness to rip people apart. Instead, she chooses to make people laugh. You’re like that. The world is too dark already. Your awareness, perfect timing, and on-point delivery bring light to people who take life a little too seriously.


While your friends play it safe, you take risks. Life is too short to live a regular life. You’re on Facebook Live more than anyone else. You have an extreme talent, like a sport or an instrument, and you’ve been a star at some point in your life. Get outta here, boredom, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Boromir has a horn to blow and hobbits to save. Whether you’re out at the club or on the soccer field, you go hard and don’t give up, even if it hurts.


You’re best friends with Haha because you both get it. Life is hard. While Haha might process life’s difficulties with a joke, you embrace it all. You feel strongly, you’re relentlessly empathetic, and you’re real. Forget the pleasantries, politeness, and professionalism. You’re on the longboard with Walter Mitty. You’re watching Gollum dance with the Ring with your finger bitten off. Because life is raw and you can ride the waves. You’re a frequent visitor to rock bottom, but it’s a damn trampoline. You bounce back with your dukes up. Give me freedom or give me death. Just remember to get out of bed.


You have an iron will like James Howlett, better known as Logan, and best known as Wolverine. You care too much about your friends and family, you’re quick — maybe too quick sometimes — to pull punches to defend them. You mask your feelings most of the time, and it’s a magnet to the opposite sex because of its mysteriousness. You have a secret energy. The enemy you face stands in the mirror; do you control it, or does it control you? Some days, it depends on whether you have a Venti in your hand or sweat on your brow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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