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On Potty Training Your Cat

We can suss out how to handle our own waste, but hardly anyone has mastered a stress-free method for disposing of the junk that comes from our four-legged buddies.

An Open Letter From Pizza

I see the way you look at bacon. If you want to start eating other food, that’s totally fine. I would respect your decision. I just want you to be honest with me.

Can You Be Friends With An Ex On Facebook?

An online friendship with an ex invites a myriad of potential hiccups, which makes it rarely seem worth it. The new relationship, life-altering move, promotion, wild party or significantly improved figure can all plunge me into a whirling sea of misery.

Where To Live If You’re An Artist In Your 20s

Only a person on the outside of my experience can really tell me if what I am doing with my life is going to assist my desire. I want to believe I am making all the right moves, but a creative impulse can only truly be validated by outside stimulus. In between all of that pressure and self-doubt, it would be kinda nice to go to the beach.

10 Suggestions For New Parents In Their 20s

Kids affect your life because they need attention. That does not mean that you bring your baby to every social activity as a compromise. No matter how ‘clever’ your baby seems, he or she does not understand what is happening during Men in Black III.

My Love Letter To Lena Dunham

You’re 25. I’m 27. Do the math, Lena. That’s two extra years of experience that I have on you. I can spend hours talking about those two years and what they meant to me.

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