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19 Ingredients That Are Worse For You Than Gluten

Dietitians’ cautions aside, has a single celebrity come out in support of this lowly protein? Has a single telethon in the name of gluten been held? Has ‘Save the Gluten’ been the byline in a single OpEd piece?

My Cat Taught Herself To Use The Toilet

I’m not kidding myself anymore given what I’ve seen in the past few months, not only worldwide, but right here under our roof…I’ve got a name for it, and I call it “R-A-B-I-E-S”: Rebellious Acquired Behavior In Every Species.

13 People Who Will Never Win American Idol (And Why)

The Idol game is stacked. With the certainty that the judges’ Coke will always be perfectly positioned to show the logo best to the camera, the same kind of people win it, and the same kind of people don’t.