Women Of God, This Is The Time To Be Fierce

I have a message for the nation, specifically the nation’s women. God is pouring out His Fire on everyone willing to catch the flame. We have to be willing and able to shred apart every one of the devil’s plans.

I see a vision of masses of women from all around the globe gathered together. I see them in autumn-colored wrap dresses. Then I see the hand of God reach down with a torch in His hand, and He is swooshing it over the Women of God. As the Fire is passing over their heads; some thrust their hands up and catch some of this flame, and the Spirit lights them on Fire. They dance with this Fire, and then they throw this Fire to another woman. I see movement, unison, among the body of believers. Yet, when I look around, I notice how few of the women of God are reaching up for this blessing. Many are looking around in awe, saying, “Wow. Look what God is doing!” Yet they do nothing. They stand there, missing the gift of the Holy Spirit. If they do not lift their hands, they WILL miss this gift. The women who do catch this Fire have such a boldness, a fierceness, a ferociousness, a focus. When they catch it, they pass on Fire for the Lord.

Women of God, this is the time to be fierce and ferocious. I hear it in my spirit over and over. This is the time to be FIERCE AND FEROCIOUS.

Women of God, now is the time to desperately seek His face with a will unlike ever before. This is your Esther Moment. He has called you for such a time as this. Thrust your hands up and catch the Flame, for when you catch it, you will be lit up. You will be burning unquenchable light that cannot be put out. This is the time to be unashamed of the Fierce Fire He has given us. This is the time to catch that Fire and throw it to as many people as will listen.

I saw a vision of a Lion. Bold and enormous. Behind him are many lionesses following Him. When He roars, the lionesses bare their teeth and crouch down. They are ready to attack and destroy whatever comes in their way. Every single plan that the enemy puts in their way gets shred to dust, torn apart savagely. Then I notice that behind these charging ferocious lionesses, there are other lionesses. They followed the lion, but when He roared, they did not react to his call. These are like the women of God who saw the Fire yet did nothing about it.

This is our time to be fierce and ferocious.

I (the Lord) am birthing something.

I hear it in my spirit again.

I am birthing something. I am birthing something, though you have not seen it in the flesh, I am birthing something unspeakable and glorious in the Women of Christ. I am revealing something in the body of believers that Angels desire to behold. Get ready, gear up for battle, for it is at hand. Prepare your mind, be sober, trust. He who is calling you is holy, be holy. I hear it in my spirit again, Be HOLY as I am HOLY. I will cleanse you only if you ask.

Be ready and desperate and ready for my call, for when I call, it will shake the earth for My Glory. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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