10 Signs That A Long Distance Relationship Is Definitely Not For You

Pavel Badrtdinov
Pavel Badrtdinov

1. You don’t want a relationship built on an immense amount of TRUST

Being miles apart and obviously not being able to see each other everyday (other than the ever reliable Skype calls, of course), it can be near impossible to keep tabs on each other about anything and everything. Which in turn brings about thoughts of infidelity and growing apart. Usually just a little over thinking, but when left to fester and rot in the back of your mind it can lead to disastrous results—on both you and your relationship. Learn how to invest a lot of trust in your partner, because you can’t have a relationship without trust.

2. You don’t want a relationship that’s beyond physical contact

Physical contact, is of course just as much a biological as it is an emotional and mental one. We humans need to be touched, and hugged, and be cuddled with. We need to feel affection and feel loved by our significant other. Being in an LDR robs us of such a necessity. So, a relationship in an LDR is built on deeper things apart from physical contact. Such as faith, trust, communication, and perseverance.

3. You don’t want to learn how to make time and prioritize your significant other.

Just being in different time zones makes scheduling much harder than it needs to be. You have to sacrifice sleep, work, alone time (as if you don’t have a surplus of that already).

4. You don’t want a shitload of honest, effective communication

When all you have left is Skype and a series of messaging apps since “Netflix and chill” is obviously out of the picture, you learn how to not beat around the bush and get straight to the point asap. Especially if it’s about things that are bothering you about the relationship. Because you know that one meaningless argument can either build your LDR stronger or break it down bit by bit every single day.


You don’t want the selfless sacrifice that comes with being in a long distance relationship.

She calls ten times more often as he does, and he visits a hundred times more often than she does. There are a lot of factors to consider as to why it’s so, and it oftentimes involves work, family, and most of all, finances. The trick is to NOT KEEP SCORE. It doesn’t really matter. As long as you two have the will to fight for each other and have a solid goal in mind, everything will be okay.

6. You don’t want to fight for your relationship no matter what.

Being in a long distance relationship isn’t a joke. Especially if you two are oceans apart and living in different timezones. You have to get up in the morning and fight the same demons to keep your relationship alive and consistently choosing your other half over anyone else who tries to pry you apart.


You don’t want to know how to handle judgmental pricks

Yeah sure judgmental pricks are everywhere, but being in a long distance relationship brings forth a special kind of judgmental prick whose comments/conversation starters are usually one of the following: “Aren’t you wondering if he’s cheating on you or not?”, “That’s not even a real relationship”, “You two are going to break up at some point” yeah, these people actually exist. We all wish they’d do us a favor and crawl back under the covers of their bed living their lonely lives snooping into other people’s business.


You don’t want to learn how to stand up on your own

Without your significant other around, there’s plenty of alone time and watching yourself develop as your own person away from the relationship. Of course, being into the relationship and growing together is good, but the trick is to not lose yourself altogether in the flurry of love and snuggles—because I guarantee you, that puppy love shit you’ve got going on when the relationship is new? It ain’t gonna last 6 months. Grow with the relationship, but don’t lose who you are in the process.


You don’t want your limited time together to be treasured.

Being in an LDR takes a lot of work. And we mean a LOT of work. This includes knowing each other’s schedules and then timing them like clockwork to avoid calling during awkward moments such as while your beau is in a very important meeting or chasing deadlines like Wile E. Coyote.


You don’t want to cherish the little things. The really little things…

I’m talking about the little things such as being able to hold hands, or exchanging hugs and kisses, or simply sniffing each other’s hair. In a long distance relationship the little things mean the WORLD and nothing beats the feeling of receiving a handwritten love letter from your partner, or better yet, being able to wrap your arms around each other again after the longest time of being apart—that’s what makes the relationship worth it in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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