What Does Love Even Mean?

What Does Love Even Mean?


What does love even mean? Love is one of the most beautiful, raw things in the world that is indefinable.

Love is not understanding what you’re feeling because there isn’t a single word in the English language to describe what you feel. Love is not about buying expensive gifts or bringing them for expensive holidays.

Love is listening to your partner when things get tough, and sticking around when life gets tough.

Love is telling your partner when you think they are wrong and telling them the truth about how they have made you feel. Communicating with each other your needs and respecting boundaries.

Love is supporting them and feeling excited for them when they succeed. Being happy for them when good things happen and having empathy for when the bad things happen.

Love is about the little things that you do for them that would matter. Buying for them breakfast in the morning, fetching them from work, letting your partner pick the film, asking them if they are okay. All these little things matter much more than the material aspects of life.

Love is doing things and attending places for your partner, even if you don’t really want to be there. Supporting them when they need it and adjusting your own plans for them sometimes.

Love is about accepting your partner for who he or she is. Putting aside their past, accepting their flaws, respecting their dreams.

Love is waking up next to the one you love. To have them wrap their arms around you so that their touch is the first thing you feel when your mind breaks from sleep into reality.

Love is when their sadness swirls into yours and mixes your emotions like a cocktail.

Love is always a choice. Love is reckless. Love involves risk. Love is an adrenaline. But love is also about being comfortable and calm around the person whom you truly love. Love is beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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