10 Characteristics You Find In Strong, Independent, Self-Assured Women

We come across many women throughout our lives but there are some who just strike us. Have you ever looked at someone and been wowed? Where did this goddess come from? How is she so bold? It’s beyond the brains or looks of hers. The way she carries herself out is different from the rest. She’s independent, lives with her head high and seeks no validation from anyone. The word “amazing” would definitely be an understatement.

1. She knows what she is doing and takes good care of herself as well as the people around her.

2. She’s willing to listen to suggestions from people around her but once she is fixed on an idea, she would just go ahead with what she wants to do.

3. She’s bold and would never hesitate to voice out her opinions. She knows for herself her ideas make sense and would be feasible. She knows for herself what she contributes would be meaningful.

4. She’s not overly dramatic. A little drama in life would be good but she does not like people who overly exaggerate or people who are overly dramatic.

5. She keeps quiet to observe and analyzes situations before reacting.

6. She sets expectations for herself because she believes in herself and is confident that she would be able to achieve great things in life.

7. Her expectations for herself and others are not unrealistic though. Not only does she believe in herself, but she also lifts the people around her to help them achieve to greater heights.

8. She knows how to tackle any situation by herself.

9. She is financially independent and never neglects responsibilities.

10. She is selective and knows for herself who she should surround herself with, who will help her to grow and she will help them in return. She always believes everything should be two way and does not invest her time and energy in people who consider her as an option, not a priority.

A strong woman is truly a terrifying person to meet but it’s a good thing because everyone knows she is capable of anything. A strong woman is truly an amazing person to be friends with because she would give her all for you as long as you are genuine to her. A strong woman is one of the best kinds of women to date because you know she would love you with all her heart and would try her best to never let you down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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