When You Love Someone From Miles Away

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I was NEVER a fan of long distance relationships or even friendships. I LOVE keeping the people I truly love close. I LOVE spending plenty of my moments in life with them in person. I LOVE the idea of them by my side physically, sharing our storms and sunshine together. As nights evolve into brand new days, I asked myself often enough if I would survive the distance. But they always say, if you can survive the distance, you can probably survive anything else that comes in between. Our distance and time zone difference taught me a lot which I possibly could not have learned in my last 20 years of living.

We started off as friends and grew closer as time passed. Distance made everything between us closer. Amidst the time difference and the stars in the sky or roads or waves that crash the shore and everything and anything else that could come in between us in all sorts of possible ways, distance made our friendship strong enough to withstand many obstacles and that includes overcoming the number of times we fell out.

Distance made me realize the time and moments we spend together in person were crucial and that’s an understatement for sure. Distance made me realize how important it was to share little details of life and keep each other updated. Distance made me realize how much I could grow as a person and had not been the same exactly a year ago. Distance made me realize the importance of trust that we always had between us. Distance made me realize the importance of sacrificing a certain time of the day for each other regardless of the time zone difference.

Thank you for reading every little thing I share with you regardless of how busy you are. Thank you for making me realize distance and time difference seems so petty in comparison to everything that holds us together. Thank you for listening to me whenever I needed someone to. Thank you for remembering every little thing I told you from the very beginning even as friends. Thank you for telling me I was never screwed up though I always believed I am.

Regardless of where you are or who you will be with if we don’t last till the end, I have realized I will truly love you always through heaven and hell. An eternity grateful to fate and God for having you in my life. TC mark

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