I Never Knew That A Miracle Like You Was Even Possible

Alf Santos
Alf Santos

See, before we met I never knew someone
like you could be, never knew that a miracle
like you was even possible.

I want to say serendipity, but that’s
not it. There’s something more than chance
here, some thing other than just possibility.

You know the myth that people are born
with a red string around a finger that ties
them to the person they’re meant to be with?
I think we were born with a bright blue
one. Or purple, maybe. Something that says
‘You are a friend that sees me more than
I see myself and I love you for it.’

Or – you know the myth that each human
originally had four arms, four legs, and
two faces? That we were split so that we’re
sent to find our other halves? You’re
already whole on your own, but I think –
I think that even Before, we knew each other.
That even Before, when you had four arms
and I had four arms we used to skip stones
together and laugh together (with our
two heads each) and cry together.

I think the universe meant to bring us
together, that the universe whispered
’they are two flowers and their friendship
will burst like wisteria.’ That when it
created you, it did something wonderful.
It hoped that you would crackle and fight
and care and love.

And you do. You do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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