Don’t Let The Love Of Your Life Go

Everton Vila

What is love to me you ask? Love to me is the mere replication of ones’ true emotions expressed to another person. Love can diminish or it can grow, love is not blunt nor faint. It is something everyone desires, why? Because you put all your hopes and desires into one common goal, and that is to share your lifetime spent on earth with another person hand and hand. For better or worse, till death do you part.

Insignificant superficial values is thought to be as love, but what love truly is, is the minor flaws that makes that one special someone “flawless”. Beauty truly lies in the hand of an individual, the feeling of being oblivious to your surroundings whenever you’re with the person you love, by indulging their presence.

Whenever you enter a relationship, a commitment, or a marriage, you give your partner a piece of your heart . With that piece of you they have the opportunity to destroy it, or cherish it. The wounds done to that piece of heart may be forgiven but it may never be forgotten. The more and more damage you cause to it; it may become weary and eventually dissolve.

That is why you must cherish what you have while you have it, because once you lose it you will enter a world of regrets, and a world of regrets is worse than hell. Knowing you may never change the past, and the lies you expressed. You may be cold hearted and move on without a dust on your shoulder, but the more emotions you disguise will eventually be unmasked.

Why am I sharing my knowledge on love with you? Because I’ve experienced these emotions, and trust me, you do not want to live a life wondering what you and her could have been without making those mistakes. Love her, cherish her, hold her, care for her, and indulge her, because the girl you say you love is truly priceless, and irreplaceable. The phrase “I love you” should not be used in vain. Nowadays it’s often said to everyone and anyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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