17 Ways We Can Be Better Humans When 2017 Finally Arrives

Unsplash, Vinicius Amano
Unsplash, Vinicius Amano

Some people will laugh at this list, because of how simple everything on it seems. At some time in my life I, myself, have put off all of the points listed. However, when I actually tried to follow these life necessities instead of just saying I followed them, was when I realized they are not as simple as they seem, and that there is nothing funny about them.

1. Learn something from: Reading (whether it’s a book or what someone wrote on the wall). Listening (whether it’s what you want to hear or don’t want to hear). Watching (whether it’s on a screen or in real life). Experiencing (whether it’s something you like or dislike). Socializing (whether it’s with a friend or a stranger).

2. Don’t just listen to other opinions, but learn from them.

3. Think, really think, before you speak.

4. Treat others as you want to be treated. Everyone’s told you this, right? Really, try it. Watch your life change.

5. Go out of your way to help someone.

6. Don’t let your kindness be taken advantage of.

7. Admit your sins, and better yourself from them. It’s so easy to get stuck in negativity and depression. The only way out is REAL change.

8. Take risks, but think twice about them.

9. Try not to let the environment change you.

10. Believe in yourself and help others believe in themselves.

11. Stay committed to what you told yourself you would stay committed to.

12. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion if you disagree.

13. Be respectful when you disagree.

14. Remember the past, but don’t dwell on the past. Learn from it. If something in your history is bad, don’t let history repeat itself.

15. Take advice from the people that love you.

16. Practice what you preach. Tons of people speak their mind, but only an extremely rare breed of people stay true to this.

17. Spend more time working toward your passion than anything else. Happiness will follow. No matter what you spend the most time doing, you will become the best at it. Professionals are professionals because they work the hardest at what they do. Be the example that the world needs to see.

What you will realize about this list is that you’ve already been told everything you just read at some point in your life. Today is the day to finally make that change. Keep imagining, but start living. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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