Why Am I Only Called Beautiful When I Wear Makeup?

Diana Simumpande

I did my makeup today for work. More than the usual eyebrows and foundation. A little mascara, a little gloss, some highlighter to floss. I enhanced my appearance just a tad bit more than it already is, because I am beautiful regardless. I wore a curly ombré wig to enhance my mood.

I walked into to work that morning, and was showered with compliments.

“Oh, I love your pretty hair”. “Long hair looks great on you”. “That lipstick really brightens your face”.

I wore my natural curls this morning. I washed my faced and moisturized it. It was soft as cotton, smooth as silk. I felt no need for makeup today.

I walked into work and heard a pin drop. No compliments, no stares, no wowing glares.

Just silence.

Why is my hair only pretty when it’s a lusciously flowing down my neck? Why does my face only brighten your day when it’s painted with pink lips or brown eyeshadow?

Why am I only beautiful the days I’m considerably someone else? Am I not accepted for who I really am?

Does my Afro offend you? Do my dark circles make you uncomfortable?

Does the real me frighten you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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