Make Time For What Is Truly Important In Your Life

Francisco Moreno

Time doesn’t exist. We have to make it

To be honest, I don’t know and, probably, I will never know why we are here. I like to think that we, as human beings, were stars before we were born. Stars which are meant to fall and to go back home some day. That’s just one of the other thousand ways to see things.

But most importantly, I don’t know how much we have left. Even though time is relative, practically nonexistent, sadly we are not immortal. Whether it is due to the ancestral sin or to the simple fact that mortality values more than eternity, we should never take for granted the state that we live in.

This is one of the reasons why I am telling you that you should make time.

Make some time for the things that bring joy to your soul. Allow yourself, from time to time, to get an F in some tests and choose to do what you love instead. Passions, our own passions, are something that never die, but which are hard to keep alive. They are the roots of our dreams which simply should not remain just dreams.

Make some time for your family. Even though sometimes it seems like there are oceans between your way of thinking and theirs, they will love you unconditionally.

So, make some time to hear their stories about the good old days and you will realize that you love them not just because they are your parents and your grandparents; your sisters and your brothers and so on…

Make some time for your friends. How lucky are we to find people whose heart’s song is from the same album as ours? Make some time for that friend who loves to listen to music and ask him/her about his/her favorite song from time to time. Make some time for that friend who is the master of movies. Ask for a recommendation whenever you feel like watching a movie. Make some time for your sportive friend. Play some football or basketball once in a while; I’m sure you will not regret it.

Make some time for that friend with whom you don’t have much in common, but love to talk to anyway. Change opinions. Understand each other. Make some time for your friend who feels a little bit harder the weight of life. Go for a walk and show him/her why they should be there. Make some time for your friends. Make some time to listen to them. To be there for them. To love them. Always.

Make some time for spontaneity. Don’t overthink. Just do what you feel and go for everything that feels crazy.

Don’t respect your schedule. Actually, don’t make one. Do mistakes. Turn them into great memories. Ask the DJ to play your favorite song and start to dance with your friends. Drink a couple of shots because you know you have friends who will make sure that you get home safe. Go out in some random places in the town and act like tourists. Go to the most luxurious restaurant and order just a simple glass of water. Go for a run in the middle of the night. Just live.

Make some time to be right and brave. Say yes. Say no. Say I love you. Agree. Disagree. Prove someone wrong. Respect your own principles. Those are something that can’t be stolen, but lost.

Make some time to be wrong or sorry. Self-pride is just a dead-end.

Make some time to laugh. Choose to laugh in the worst moments. Choose to laugh in the best moments. Choose to laugh at your friend’s bad jokes because you know it would mean a lot to them. Choose to laugh to make someone’s day better.

Make some time to cry. Whether you are alone or with someone you trust, allow yourself to cry from time to time. There is nothing wrong in being vulnerable. There is nothing funny in letting things affect you somehow. There is nothing stupid in feeling emotion. Cry if you feel like to. Let your soul breathe.

Make some time to discover. Be curious. You don’t have to be 6 in order to ask why the sky is blue and why the grass is green. There are different times, different answers, different reasons. Always seek for more and more answers. There is so much to discover in this world. Make sure you see as much as possible; hear as mush as possible, understand as much as possible.

Make some time for love and for being loved. Love a new book or a new movie. Love a new place or a new habbit. Let your heart and your soul fall in love with a bit of everything of this world. Let yourself love someone. Let your heart and your soul be loved. Let yourself being someone’s favorite.

Even though love seems more like plastic, it still exists. So, don’t run away when it might be real. Let it be. Let it hurt. Luckily, it won’t.

Make some time to be kind. Make someone smile, compliment someone’s new dress. Help another person who is in need. Try to make a change in the world. It matters. The world won’t change in a day, but one single day can change in better in a couple of seconds. Make some time to talk. Don’t keep everything inside. There are moments when you feel like talking about some of the most abstract things in the world and moments when you feel like discussing about some of the most insignificant ones. Just talk. About your emotions, about your beliefs… about everything.

Make some time to believe. Nowadays, we are still questioning what exists and what doesn’t. Even so, make some time to believe that there is something in this world. Something that can’t be defined.

Something that takes care of us. Some call it God, some destiny, I don’t know. Just believe in something, because this something may be the reason why we are all here. Believe that there is still good in the world. In people, in actions, in things… in everything.

Make some time for yourself. There are plenty of things to make time for. Make time for everything that makes you feel glad that you are alive.

Someday, you will be sitting on a rusty wooden chair and some of your grandchildren will ask you: “Does time exist?” And you will say: “No, but as long as we create our own, that is enough”.

I don’t know for how long we are all still here, but as long as I exist, I will make sure to make time for everything that brings joy to my soul. I will make time for writing because in writing, both me and what I love become immortal.

Find that single thing that is immune to oblivion and make time for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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