Don’t Say It If You Don’t Mean It

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It’s better to stay silent than to create a storm in someone’s soul.

You are not a saint if your words are made of gold.

You are not a sinner if you say just pretty lies.

You are just a human being.

You have a heart, you have a mind…so do the others.

You know the old story.

Do not say something if you don’t mean it.

Do not speak wise words if you are not going to prove them.

Do not promise the moon if you can’t even catch the stars.

Do not pretend that your seeds are gorgeous flowers, but in the end they are just weeds.

You are not a good man if you speak good.

You are a good man if you do good.

You know the saying… do wrong to none.

Stay silent when your heart is not beating fast.

Say everything when it is dancing in your chest.

This is the problem nowadays.

We want everything, but the everything is us.

But if we would be just soul and no body, what would we do? What would we say?

Would we still promise the moon?

Stay silent when you don’t mean your spoken words.

Because outside is spring and it would be such a shame to create an autumn in someone’s soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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