14 Reasons Why Guys Make The Perfect Best Friends

Knocked Up / Amazon.com.
Knocked Up / Amazon.com.

1. They are your voices of reason, your source of common sense.

They make sure you don’t screw up on something stupid, and put you back in your place every time you get out of hand.

2. They make things exceedingly more bearable.

Less whines, less drama and a space where you can actually breathe — that’s what they are to me.

3. They are protective, but they let you make mistakes too.

They watch your back, but they don’t spoon feed you with tender love and care; instead, they let you learn the hard way. They let you make mistakes that enable you to become a better version of yourself.

4. They can judge the things you think and do.

They are absolutely the only people (aside from maybe your girl friends) who can judge, debunk, and agree with the decisions you make. Other people’s opinions don’t matter as much; these guys know you better than anyone else.

5. They smother you with TMIs you’d rather not know (but eventually need to know).

Sometimes, they just have to tell you everything — whether it’s about what they do in the bathroom, the girls they’ve slept with or just other guy stuff. The plus is that these anecdotes typically become of use to you at some point in the future.

6. They won’t compromise your friendship.

These guys have got to be your best soldiers when a war arrives!

7. They are fool-proof gossip keepers.

They will NEVER spread your secrets. And what’s more, they’ll defend you, at all times (sometimes, at their cost), when probing occurs.

8. They screen your suitors, making a list of pros and cons.

They literally have a mental list of pros and cons for every suitor you have. They’re sort of the final say on whether or not you should pursue a guy.

9. They can literally talk about anything under the sun.

They will never run out of things to say. In fact, I’ve found they’re more observant than girls.

10. They treat you with care, but will also totally wreck your ego if a time should call for it.

They will never treat you like a princess. In fact, they will always bully and annoy you, but at the bottom of that tough love, they’ll also continuously look out for you and tell you whenever something is off.

11. They won’t judge the amount of food you eat.

They don’t care if you binge on chocolates and ice cream or smother yourself with leftover pizza. In fact, they’ll gladly eat all of this with you while watching a TV or a movie.

12. They use their objectivity to remain clearheaded and logical when it comes to drama.

Their objectivity is the acid to every girl’s emotional side. Their neutrality on things will always be one of their best qualities.

13. They will never get tired of telling you what you need to know and stop doing.

They are brutally honest with you. They tell you when you have to move on and when you have to stop whining. They will knock you down with the truth and make you realize what you’ve been doing wrong.

14. They know what’s best for you.

Behind the sneering, bullying and absolutely annoying quips and banters, you know that they only want what’s best for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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