5 Things Regrets Make Out Of Us


1. Regrets only make matters worse, slowly killing us and eating us up.

We are so consumed by the feeling of regret that instead of moving on and freeing ourselves from worrying about the past, we end up spending each day thinking about what could have been. Regrets eat up every inch of our souls and consume every bit of sunshine in our system and are never worth toiling over.

2. Regretting something only makes us feel more frustrated and focused on something that we would’ve already moved on from.

Regrets come in all sorts of forms: being left by your significant other, being a failure, or believing you didn’t act fast enough to stop something from happening. In recalling each of these failures, it’s important that we learn to accept them, and not recall them just to think of more reasons to hold on to them.

3. Regrets continue to remind us how we always run away from our mistakes instead of facing them.

We all know what regrets make out of us: we become a little too defensive and privy from pouncing judgments. We always protect our past decisions from others, but what we fail to understand is that running away from that bad judgment won’t help us in the future; we all have to face the unwelcoming truth one way or another.

4. Regrets could never give us the underlying silver lining in each situation. They only give us more reason to hate our past selves for committing that act.

With every replay in our heads, regrets only recall the exact scenario in which you did not do your part, or lacked enough strength or motivation to complete something. And this will stifle your growth and that which you need to do in order to heal: fully moving forward and learning from the past.

5. Finally, regrets are bottled up, pain-inducing mechanisms that force us to grow up, even if we’re unwilling to.

Regrets force us to mature, if even a bit, to take responsibilities and swallow our pride. They push our limits, even though we are unwilling to move out of our comfort zones. Worst of all, we’re shoved into a situation that makes us automatically assume that things will just never be the same, and all because we chose the wrong path. Learn to be kinder to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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