15 Things We Forget To Be Grateful For


1. The moment we wake up in the morning.

That moment when you open your eyes and breathe in a new day — it in itself is a wonderful blessing to live and see the world another day.

2. The pale blue sky, the summer rays and deep blue ocean.

Nothing feels more ‘alive’ than sitting on the beach and just taking in everything around you — that fresh and liberating feeling of admiring Nature as Time gives you halted seconds of beauty.

3. The love, care and support from our parents.

Parents are our most crucial lifelines. They are there from kids until we grow old, and will never stop supporting us until we reach our dreams. You can call them a nagger, but they will always be your greatest source of strength.

4. The high school friends who were there throughout the years.

These guys remind you of who you were, how you think and how you act back in the days. They are solid reminders of the self you may have loved or hated before. Best of all, you know they’ve been with you through thick or thin and knows the best and worst of you.

5. The keepers who can always be counted on.

They are those people you accept you for who you are, your quirks and eccentricities; your good and bad sides. They remain to be your strongest allies and your best cheerleaders.

6. The mentors, bosses and professors who shaped our perspectives.

Shapers of knowledge, they equip us with necessary tools and experiences on how to breeze through our everyday struggles in school and in our careers.

7. The ex who taught us to love harder.

He/she was the one who made us realize that sometimes it takes a little heartbreak to shape our ideals and perspectives in life. They are the ones who continue to remind us that we’re humans — we get hurt and get lost, but at the same time, we also have the freedom to feel and live life.

8. The success stories of others that inspires us.

Crediting their wit, perseverance and drive, we owe these people gratitude for inspiring and pushing us to take more risks and to try new things.

9. The advices we get, but don’t usually take.

These are the open help we get, but don’t heed. We may have reasons for not taking them, but somewhere down the road, we might use one of these guys too.

10. The past mistakes that molded us.

Humans are scarred individuals. We all have stories to tell and mistakes to learn from — they brought out the best and worst in us.

11. The hardships that made us tougher.

We are all diamonds, molded by pressure and tortured to perfection. We move, we act and we feel the way we do right now, because we are tested to come stronger and better after every challenge that comes our way.

12. The successes that kept us moving.

We are motivated and inspired by our personal accomplishments. These push us to aim higher and strive harder; to conquer and live life to its fullest.

13. The failures that kept us trying.

Failures push us to keep moving forward. They continue to remind us why every try is worth taking, and every stumble is worth remembering.

14. The beauty in falling down and getting lost.

There is nothing more beautiful than gracing pain and tolerating it. We fall down and get lost, only to find out that things can’t always be according to what we want it to be. Much like failures, falling down and getting lost leads us to understand that pain is an essential tool in molding the different dimensions of our lives.

15. The regrets we don’t want to make again.

Regrets always remind us of our past misadventures and would have beens. They recreate a moment of vulnerability, and remind us how we ought to act when confronted by desperate measures. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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