The Doctors Think My Girlfriend Has Brain Damage From Our Car Crash, But I Think The Truth Is More Terrifying

I slammed Marcus by his neck to the ground, his head thumping a stair. He groaned in pain from the harsh impact and I began fiercely pummeling him. His head bouncing off the ground as my fist bloodied his face. “Is this what you fucking want?” I screamed to Lindsey. My fists cracking Marc’s nose and eye socket. I continued until he was hardly breathing, his face drenched in blood and his throat gurgling. Moments later there were numerous people surrounding us, including teachers ripping me to my feet and dragging me down the hall. Lindsey fled when the crowd came fearing she will get in trouble as well (as she should).

I sat in the office for hours being scolded by the principle telling me he’s given me enough slack and that I’ve gone way to far this time. I tried explaining to him what Lindsey was doing to me and how she was going to kill herself. Finally my parents showed up along with the councilor, they explained to my parents what had happened and showed them my bloodied hands. I desperately told them about Lindsey, about the knife, about the last few months and how she had been acting. The councilor had a small laptop with a flash drive plugged in the side, she clicked play on the video and we watched silently. My blood was cold as I watched to security footage of the corner staircase. I stood alone in the stairwell, bantering to the tiled wall and screaming at nothing, my parents cringed as they watched me mercilessly assaulted Marc. Only the two of us in the stairwell before the crowd came. TC mark

This story originally appeared on /r/NoSleep.



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