The Doctors Think My Girlfriend Has Brain Damage From Our Car Crash, But I Think The Truth Is More Terrifying

She gritted her teeth when I wouldn’t bend to her will. She pulled a knife out of her backpack and pressed it to her wrist. “Lindsey STOP!” I screamed to her. “I’ll do it right here.” She threatened. “I’ll bleed myself dry if you don’t fuck him up when he comes up these stairs when the bell rings.”

I gulped. Terrified on multiple levels. We sat there for moments, discussing why she was doing this. I tried to explain to her how irrational she was being, but she only threatened more and pressed the blade harder against her skin. I realized I had no other choice, she was really going to do it. I thought about leaving to tell someone but I was sure she would do something stupid if I tried.

Finally the bell rang. I looked to her once more and tried to plead my case of why this is pointless and fucked up for her to be doing. I was so scared of what I might see if I didn’t follow her directions. I didn’t know if I could handle seeing her slit her wrist in front of me. In a brief moment of time Marcus came slowly up the steps and gave me a strange look. “Hey Marc.” I said timidly. I couldn’t do it, he started to walk past me when I heard Lindsey scream. “DO IT!” I saw a drop of red blood drip from her arm as the blade hardly broke her skin.



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