I’m Finally Accepting That We Are No Longer In Each Other’s Lives

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It’s been a while
I was walking and I found myself
At the chorus of our favorite song
It was the first time in a very long time
I had made it past the intro
Without feeling sick to my stomach
Without immediately skipping the song
In that brief moment
The rhythmic pattern became music
And not a step back into time
Not the memories of what is lost
I listened to that sweet


As it repeated consistently
I appreciated the sound
And it didn’t take me to that first night
We met at that concert dancing
Kissing with the same repetition
I didn’t hear the first


And feel your hand on my knee
In the car with the windows down
As we sang the words together
While the wind intertwined our salty hair
Kissing with the same repetition
And we told each other
That we had never been so happy
It was in that moment that I realized
I’m finally accepting
That we are no longer in each other’s lives
I still couldn’t make it past the


But I had made it to the next stage
For a long time, I thought
That to accept
Meant to forget
To magically wake up
And not think of the pain that I went through
To not miss you
To not think of you
In that moment I realized that for me
That is not what it means
Acceptance is something that takes time to


It had to acknowledge that it has happened
Keep walking and accept that it hurt
That I was broken
I accept that you moved on before me
I accept that it will take me longer
This doesn’t mean that I forget
Or that I feel at peace the new words
You wrote over our song
I still don’t forget how you watched me


As you told me you loved me
And that you would see me soon
You left me crying in the apartment


I accept that the pain you caused
Was a catalyst for my creativity
I accept our last kisses
Tasted like goodbye
I accept that I may never make it
To the second verse of our favorite song
But now I know that I can write my own
I finally accept that we are over

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