Do You Miss Me, My Darling?

A woman sits looking into the foggy distance atop a building in Shanghai
Adi Constantin / Unsplash

We used to sit on your rooftop
Looking over the city
Sipping ale
On the best days we would see a balloon
Flying solo over the city
We would play our favourite game
Guessing where it came from
If the person that let it go missed it
Where it would land
We would watch it until it was out of sight
Those were the days
Weren’t they My Darling?
The days where you had me so filled with love
So full that I could almost burst
So full that I forgot what it felt like
To be deflated in your palm
But we had those days too
Didn’t we My Darling?
The days where you took your love away
When I could feel myself losing air
Letting go of everything inside
And just as I would be close to empty
You will fill me back up
With words and love
You let me believe that I needed your oxygen
I believed at the time that I did
That without you I could not be full
But you were wrong
Weren’t you My Darling?
This time you let me go
I started to deflate
I started losing oxygen
Then I realised that I could breathe
That within me I found my own oxygen
I wasn’t tied to a string
I didn’t need to fade into your palm
So this time I floated away
Didn’t I My Darling?
You can still play our favourite game
Only this time I will be high above
And you will be on that same rooftop
Drinking that same ale
Wondering where I may go
Perhaps I will explode
Perhaps I will fall
Maybe I will land into the hand of a stranger
That doesn’t see me as broken
Perhaps I never needed to be inflated
It doesn’t really matter how that story ends
The point is that you don’t get to see it
The ending is no longer yours
And off I will fly
While others sit on rooftops
Wondering where I came from
And I will know
That the person who let me go
Really misses me
Don’t You My Darling? TC mark

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