I Don’t Want To Run Anymore

running away from your problems
Alex Gorham

I know the feeling of heartbreak
I know it so well
The heaviness
The magnet inside you that holds you to your bed sheets
Unable to move
You have moved to a different place
You are my stitch
The pain that hurts when I try to run
The pain that I feel when I breathe
I never really believed in the whole
You complete me thing
I felt complete
But when we met
It was as though you already existed
Within me
I didn’t make any new parts
It was how it was meant to be
I always come back to that night in the sunroom
We had so many in there
But that one time
Day 6
We wanted to show each other
Our favourite songs
They were the same songs
So we played them on repeat
We had the same books
Our favourite pages
The same vinyls
And the vinyl kept spinning
Without sound
As the needle came up
We were too busy kissing
With our favourite songs
With our favourite everything
With each other
Now that you’re gone
I feel incomplete
There’s an emptiness in me
You are my stitch
I can feel it
I’m trying to move forward
I’m trying to run
The vinyl is still spinning
It’s tugging on my ligaments
I’m cramping up
I sit down to hold the pain
I’m trying to catch my breath
Arms around my sides
I lay down on the floor
I close my eyes
I’m back in the sunroom
I spread my arms out
Day 6
The pain is easing
I’m breathing into the stitch
I’m listening to our favourite song
I don’t want to run anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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