If You’d Let Me, I Promise I Could Save You

Korney Violin
Korney Violin

I understand what it feels like, to be where you are.

But if you’d let me, I promise I could save you.

I have been drowning in the darkest shades of blue.

Eventually, I made it up for air. And you will too.

If you let me hold your hand through this.

I am not going to tell you to distract yourself.

To eat healthy, to exercise.. to let it go.

That drinking is the worst thing you can do when you’re in that state.

In fact.. I encourage you to feel it.

To drink and smoke and feel it all.

And fuck it, I will smoke with you.

I encourage you to break down, and fall to the floor.

I will tell you this because in my experience, it was the only way that I made it back up.

You will smash to pieces and I will be there to help you put you back together.

It will take time, there will be pieces missing, but there will be new pieces found along the way.

Pieces that you could not get, without getting through this moment.

I will understand that it’s a process that cannot be forced.

That soon you will want to breathe, want to walk and want to run.

You will want to be healthy and you will feel strong again.

I will not tell you that everything happens for a reason.

Because I know, that in time, you will have this realisation yourself.

If you’d let me be there, one day it will all make sense.

I will tell you that it really does just take time.

But I will understand that in that moment, those words don’t help.

I will not force you, but I will be there when you need me for however long it takes.

We can listen to your favourite sad songs and you can play those songs on repeat.

You can reminisce and tell me every story over and over until I can recite them all myself.

If you’d let me, I could be your diary.

I could hold you while you shake and be there when you break.

And If you’d let me show you how I see you, I promise you will save yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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