They Might Have Broken You, But One Day You Will Feel Whole Again

Shannon VanDenHeuvel

You were in love. With the way he sang your favorite songs (whether or not he was on key). With how she surprised you with home cooked dinners (even though sometimes she overcooked the pasta). With the way time stopped when you were together.

It made you happy. The music. The late nights. The inside jokes. The pancakes. The coffee. The movies. The deep and meaningful conversations.

But then your heart broke. When she said she no longer loved you. When he broke up with you through a text message. When all the promises made were broken in an instant.

You felt worthless. Insecure. Ugly. Stupid.

It still hurts. When you hear her name. When you see his face. When memories flood back in.

Now you feel like a pile of broken pieces. But that’s okay. Because every single bit of you is still worth something. Even in the ruins, you are still beautiful.

So when you’re ready, take those pieces and put yourself back together. You’ll forget the sound of his voice. You’ll forget the curves of her face. And every broken piece will fit together, even better than before.

Then someday someone new will come into your life and you’ll say to yourself: “I have never been happier. I have never been more in love.” And you will think: I have never felt more whole. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Danimei is an Australian-Filipino twenty-something who works full time at a foundation that helps kids with cancer – Make-A-Wish Foundation – in Manila, Philippines.

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