Read This On The Days You Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed


I know one way or another there are just really days you don’t want to get up. You take your time staring at the walls of your room looking for an excuse to never rise and see what the world has to offer.

I bet you’re thinking the world will keep on sending you back to your room heartbroken, and why else should you get up and deal with it over and over again? It gets tiring, I know.

But find inspiration in everything you do. Every single thing you do should affect someone else’s life. Make a difference with every step you make. Make it a point to think how every single decision makes you a smarter person, a better person.

Am I learning enough? Is this worth my time? What’s the end result to this? Am I making this world a better place? Did I make someone smile today? Was I able to help someone in my own little way?

Ask yourself these questions, and say thank you to every single person who helped you.

Make the best presentation you can make. Set up higher standards than the last time. Talk louder when speaking someone. Tell someone they look nice. Hug people tighter.

All of this is exactly the reason why you have to get up.

You exist for a reason. You’re meant for something better. Get up and find it. The world only has one version of you. And it’s beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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