10 Struggles Of People Who Wear Workout Clothes But Don’t Workout

Yes, I am wearing yoga pants. No, I did not work out.
New Girl
New Girl

1. “Oh, did you just come from a workout?” Is a frequently asked question.

No, you actually just ate like five slices of pizza and needed to wear stretchy pants so you didn’t rip anything. But, yes, let’s go with just worked out.

2. Everyone assumes that you’re in awesome shape but you haven’t been to the gym in a week (or five).

When your friends see you perform any physical activity it’s embarrassing because they’re like, “don’t you workout a lot?” Your workout clothes are fooling everyone.

3. “Are you headed to the gym after this?” Is another frequently asked question.

It makes you feel terrible because you’re really just going home to watch Netflix on your couch.

4. You own five pairs of yoga pants but have never actually done yoga.

So what, though? You’ve probably worn riding boots but never went horseback riding.

5. People assume you are always showing off your booty.

Except you could care less if your butt looks sexy or not because you’re too distracted by how comfortable you feel.

6. You wear them for the opposite thing they are meant for.

Workout clothes are for being active and fit but you wear them for being lazy.

7. “You look so comfy,” says everyone when you walk into the room.

Also known as, “you look like a bum”. You start to feel judged but then realize they’re just jealous because they’re wearing skinny jeans, woof.

8. All other pants are ruined for you.

Jeans are like prison for your legs. Nothing will ever feel as comfortable again, and now you resent any pants other than yoga pants.

9. You could have bought yourself a designer bag with all of the money you spent on workout clothes.

No regrets, though. Not even one pair of Lulu Lemon’s.

10. You feel like everyone’s on to you when you’re ordering a bacon egg and cheese while wearing yoga pants.

The world knows that you’re only wearing yoga pants because they create more room for food. You almost feel awkward, but when that BEC hits your mouth you and your yoga pants walk off to live lazily ever after. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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