I Hate Modern Dating Because The Romance Has Disappeared

Unsplash / Suzana Sousa

I wish dating was like how it used to be – you know, those coffee shop scenarios – except I don’t think this generation would cope too well with unexpected strangers talking to us (if anything we’d find it quite creepy).

To get anywhere in the 21st century, technology and social media is where it is at. You need to make an account, go on a liking spree, throw a few flame emojis here and there, do a quick slide into the DMs, and the rest is history.

Not only does it require zero amount of effort, it’s casual, impersonal, and convenient – welcome to our world of casual dating.

The art of conversation is dying because our generation is not only lazy (to persist with the same person) but we’ve become far too obsessed with the idea that there is something better out there without giving what’s in front of us a chance.

We’re not in the slightest bit bothered if the one we were potentially interested in isn’t available because we know that with a click of a button we’ll have our next potential love interest right at our fingertips.

It’s not about that special ‘someone’ anymore, it’s about anyone.

What happened to romance? Going after the one person you like?

We don’t invest our time fully into one person because we’re never sure of their true intentions – knowing that they could walk away at any given moment without explanation keeps us from doing so.

If someone says they like you, it’s hard to see it as a big deal because words and feelings are thrown about so frequently that their value becomes lost and meaningless.

We don’t feel giddy and excited like we’re suppose to. We feel confused, anxious, and in a state of limbo. It’s a battle between our pride and our ego and whether or not to risk letting our guards down in fear of being either mugged off or getting hurt.

We find choosing to disconnect with our feelings far easier to deal with so we learn to desensitize ourselves to the world of dating so that we avoid having to deal with real emotion.

We give nothing and no one a chance anymore. We throw potential relationships away without even exploring them because we’ll always be thinking to ourselves, but what if I can do better? Is there better out there? Or am I just settling?

We give up way too easily on dating because there are just far too many options out there and we feel the urge to want to explore all of them. Why have one person when you can have all twenty? Because we can, that’s why.

Social media has provided us with a tasting menu of who haven’t I tried and who can I try next, meaning temptation will always be there, it’s just up to us to choose who is worth resisting it for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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