Don’t Give Your Heart Away Too Quickly

Anna Demianenko

I think too often us girls rely on a man to fill a hole in our heart that doesn’t need to be filled by another person.

We as females are strong and powerful and we shouldn’t change our idea of perfect just because we think we are being difficult or wanting too much from a man. Those wants and needs aren’t too much to ask because a man who loves you would do anything to make you happy and see you smile.

Too often we change ourselves and our wants and needs to fit in or make a significant other happy and we lose a part of our self and our soul.

Giving up a part of yourself is giving up who you are deep down, the right man won’t ask you to change or give up who you are. Too many times we open ourselves up to the thought of love and get pushed down as we ended up being manipulated and changed into someone we are not, all because we are searching and longing for love and acceptance.

I watch girls in pain and crying over a man that has no respect for them in the first place. I watch girls continually running back to the same man after they disrespects her and harm her. I watch girls struggle with self-esteem and their body image because of men that have made them feel like they aren’t enough.

I watch girls stay in the same relationship time and time again because they are blinded by love. Once you get out of these situations and the love disappears, you see all the things you missed before, like the way he spoke to you, like the way he yelled at you and the way he treated you.

Love is an amazing thing to feel but it is also very powerful, that’s why falling in love with the right man is so important. Take time to get to know the man you have a crush on instead of rushing into a relationship with him when you know nothing about him. Because eventually that man will show his true colours whether you like it or not and guess what? You might not like what you see. He will open up your heart and make a home in there and at the end of the day if things don’t work out or he hurts you, you will be left to feel the pain and be left to repair your heart on your own.

I see so many girls trying to repair broken hearts because they give too much of themselves away too quickly. All I can say is guard your heart and don’t just let any man who shows interest in you into your life, be careful who you let in to your life and most importantly your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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