Be The Kind Of Friend Who’s Always Present

Friendships are not just something we get to have. They are something we need and we work for. Some friendships are not always easy. Some friendships are not always lifelong. Some friendships will hurt you and some will build you. The hardest part is telling the difference.

We all have friendships that are just for play. The people you know you can call when you want to have fun and they will always be down for anything. The friends you talk to but on a different kind of level. The people who aren’t there when you need them. And that’s okay.

We all have friends that never want to hang out but want to know about every aspect of your life. Okay, cool, let’s talk about life, but it’d also be cool if you wanted to BE a part of my life. Sometimes it’s hard to share every aspect of your life with someone who isn’t physically present.

If you’re lucky enough to have this next type of friend, DO NOT LET GO!

The friends who are always there, mentally, physically, emotionally, and everything in between. The ones who encourage and support you. The ones who will be there no matter the time of day. The ones who know every aspect of your life because they choose to live it with you. The ones who you can always have fun with, whether that means getting dolled up and going out or just hanging out at home in your sweats. The ones who will cry with you when life takes a turn for the worst. The ones who will pray with you and for you. The ones who will cheer for you when good things come your way. The ones who will be there and never leave no matter what life throws your way. These friends will be the saving grace here on earth you’ll be forever thankful for.

But in having these friends, you need to be the kind of friend they need as well.

Always be loving. Always be supportive. Always be genuine. Always be present.

I can promise you won’t regret it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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