10 Reasons Why You Need To Write Angry Rap Songs

Growing up I used to punch walls and throw tantrums in a futile effort to pacify my rage. Unfortunately, my parents never saw this as a sign of a deeper problem and did nothing to help, except sternly lecture me or take away TV time. Fortunately, I figured out a coping method on my own: writing angry rap songs. This might sound ridiculous at first, but it works. Like some people who employ visualization, writing angry raps takes you to a primal place. There are no rules and so you get to spill everything onto the page. Plus, when someone asks if you rap or do music, you can honestly reply: “Hmmm, I dabble.”

1. Writing angry raps doesn’t cost anything. Anger management and therapy are all good, but they are helluva expensive. All you need is either your smartphone or a pen and paper.

2. It doesn’t take much time and you can do it right away. Scheduling an emergency appointment with your therapist takes time and it will be days before you can see them, and sometimes your best friend is busy and unable to talk. Thankfully, you can angry rap right away and pretty much anywhere.

3. No holes in walls or people. The pen is mightier than the punch. Unleashing your fury trough words mean you are laving yourself, your walls and fellow passersby unscathed.

4. You are practicing writing. Do you ever think, “ Gosh, I really need to write more so I can be more cultural blah blah blah.” Well, this is an easy way to fit writing into your day.

5. They make you laugh later on. Go through your angry rap notebook after a day, month or a year. Trust me. Your rhymes/content will seem so absurd, you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

6. You get so caught up in exercising wordplay like Kanye that you often forget what you were mad about in the first place. I once spent so much time trying to emulate Kanye and Eminem in a verse about…. That’s just it . I don’t remember what it was about, because I spent all my brainpower on the rhymes.

7. It’s cooler than keeping a diary. Nuff’ said.

8. If you have to take a poetry class in college, you can use the raps as homework. Your professor might even praise the bravery of your work if you go to a liberal arts college like I do.

9. It gives you time to cool off. Writing/reciting a rap takes time. Much needed time for you to cool off. Once you’re done, you’ll be calmer and less likely to act brashly.


10. If you’re like Issa, Rae, you can make money off of your angry raps someday. “What rhymes with p**** n****r?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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