11 Simple Pieces Of Advice Everyone Can Follow

1. Facebook and Twitter are a waste of time.

I’ll repeat, Facebook and Twitter are a waste of time. Instead of being plugged into your phone posting a status or photo of the beautiful things you see or funny thing that just happened, simply enjoy the moment. Seriously, your tweets and likes don’t mean anything in the real world. The way you respond to an experience means everything. Treat these things as though social media never existed… in case it’s hard to image, people did this for hundreds of years and got by just fine! So again, what’s a waste of time?

2. Take lots and lots of photos.

I know this sounds contradictory to the above point of posting photos. But no, no—I’m saying to take pictures for yourself and your own enjoyment. Photos are a great way to capture the moment and to be able to actually look back on something. I don’t care if I’m that person at party snapping some selfies with my best friends (keyword: some… I don’t go overboard). At the end of the night, I’ll be able to look through these pictures and think about how one day, probably sooner than later, we’ll all be separated and going about our own life paths. This is one of those rare times we are all together so yes, pictures will definitely be taken. But on a larger scale, when you see something that captures your eye (even if it’s a simple tree or colorful sunset), take the picture! If you like it, then do it. Most importantly, one day you’ll be able to look back on those photos and remember how great those times were.

3. The amount of ‘likes’ you get is the shallowest measure of your popularity.

You know a good way to get lots and lots of likes? Go volunteer and contribute to a cause. How about waking up early on a Sunday morning and working at a soup kitchen where people who can’t afford fancy iPhones are in need for food? The amount of likes you get on social media—whether it’s two, 15, or 100—is absolutely, entirely, completely irrelevant. You want something to boost your credentials? I’m sure as hell that your default picture with grandma drunk on Christmas that got over 200 likes won’t help you with that one… well, maybe a little since drunk Bubby is probably awesome.

4. Do yoga, find your zen, meditate.

Our days are filled with errands, work, stress, and hardly any time to relax. Take an hour of your day, at least once a week, to wind down in more natural manners by finding quiet time. All those difficult positions in yoga classes might make you feel weird with but you’ll come out feeling so refreshed and ready to take on anything with much more patience.

5. There’s no cure quite like laughter and a fluffy pet.

Seriously, some of my best days are spent either with my dog or with long-time friends just shooting the shit and laughing. Your dog or cat will love you unconditionally. They’ve seen you at your best and at your worst, but they love you regardless. And as for laughing… that’s pretty self-explanatory. Just do it a lot because it’s free, it’s healthy for you, and it’s just plain awesome.

6. Judgment should be sealed nice and tight, then stored away.

Naturally, every human judges. We’ve done it for thousands of years and it’s a built-in response we all have. But in terms of assuming someone’s weird based on how they dress or discriminating against the color of someone’s skin, why even bother? The amount you can truly tell about someone just by looking at them, honestly, is very little. Some of the strangest looking people might be actually some of the most interesting, with crazy stories about scaling a mountain or frolicking with monkeys. Every person is unique and every person has the ability to surprise and amaze you. Your judgment shuts you down from that.

7. Just say yes.

There are tons of opportunities to try new things and travel to different places. Maybe taste a foreign food or go to a sketchy-looking club. If you can do it, then do it! Who knows? These may be the experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life and look back on with pride. By saying no, you’re keeping yourself restrained in the same zone of friends, same old experiences, and same food, all while missing the endless things this world has to offer.

8. Look up at the stars.

Space is fascinating and we may never ever know what exists out there. Take some time to just lay back with your thoughts and just stare at the clear sky. It’s beautifully breathtaking and there’s really nothing like it. You’ll gain understanding that this country, world, and universe are so infinitely big. All your worries, concerns, and stress truly don’t matter.

9. Be an open-minded individual.

Just please, understand that times are changing. There are more interracial marriages, gay people are openly and happily in love, women have a right to choose what to do with their own bodies, and every color skin is beautiful. Learn to accept everyone because they are real and they are happening.

10. Do something charitable not being you’re required or expected to, but because you genuinely want to help someone out.

Help someone who you see struggling with heavy grocery bags. Bake some cookies for the homeless guy you pass everyday on your way to class or work. Donate blankets and pet toys to a local animal shelter. Do these things because you truly care and feel for the pain of other living things. We don’t realize sometimes how lucky we are. You might be able to spend $4 on a peppermint mocha every day, but other people are struggling for clean food and water. Humans really are caring and compassionate beings. Let’s do the right thing for others without the expectation of money.

11. We are so fortunate to be alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Ejja Pahlevi

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