10 Things You Learn When You Quit Your Job And Move Across The Country

Flickr / CGP Grey
Flickr / CGP Grey

1. Everyone will ask you why.

So why California? Why now? Why don’t you like where you live now? Why don’t you like your job? These are just a few examples of “why” questions I got when I decided to move from Dallas to Los Angeles. And I have said many different answers. Career move. Tired of living where I grew up. And so on. But really, I moved because I wanted to. I moved for myself.

2. People will joke about you having a quarter-life crisis.

Can I have a quarter life crisis? Sure I’m 25 now, but I just left college two years ago. I just moved out of my parents place. I just bought a new car, I mean, certified pre-owned and now have car payments. If anything, I’m really coming into my own, not falling apart. If anything is a crisis, it’s the thousands I owe in student loan debt.

3. Your material wants will change.

A birthday wish list might consist of a new pair a shoes or tickets to a concert. No, this year I asked for a food processor and luggage. And was mildly disappointed when I received a Sephora gift card. I really need that food processor. It’s Kitchen-Aid and comes in the really cute baby blue color.

4. You start thinking healthier.

Right, so that food processor is amazing. With it I can make my own hummus. Or peanut butter. Or a fresh chicken salad to share with friends while hosting a dinner party. Because I could totally host dinner parties. The possibilities are endless. Do yo know what’s not endless? The capabilities of my digestive system.

5. There is an art to choosing friends.

I’ve become more aware of who is really a friend and who is not. And I’ve cut the latter out. It’s important to see when someone genuinely cares for you and when someone is just using you to get ahead in life and will stomp on you in the process. Especially if you live in a major city like Los Angeles. Pick friends who help you better yourself as a human being.

6. You have to know what you want and ask for it.

At this point, I am an adult, I’ve accepted that. And I mostly know what I want out of life. But in order to get what I want, I have to ask for it. I have to go for it. I can’t sit around hoping someone will give it to me because they may not know what it is. And it could be a cheeseburger.

7. Family is important.

I am fortunate to have a great relationship with my parents and siblings. Most people are not that way. But whoever you have in life that you consider family is extremely beneficial. These are the people you can turn to when you feel the most lost. They can remind you of the things you did to get where you are in life. They can also help you see what step you may need to take next. Like moving across country.

8. Chain restaurants taste different.

There is an In-and-Out in Dallas. Several actually, and I really like them. But Oh My Goodness it’s on a whole other level in California. I swear it’s like a completely different cheeseburger. A magical heaven-scent meaty goodness meal. Del Taco even taste different. If they get a What-A-Burger out here, I’ll send an update of flavor. Because we all know it’s the heartbeat of Texas.

9. You second guess every decision you make.

Did I really just quit my stable job and move 1,436 miles away. Maybe I am having a crisis? No, that’s crazy. I’m crazy. What am I talking about, I’ve always wanted to move here. And I did it. But now I’m unemployed. I’m capable of getting a job…I have a $50,000 piece of paper that says I’m very qualified. Crap, I have to pay back all that money. Who’s Sallie Mae anyway? I bet she doesn’t even sell seashells by the seashore.

10. You don’t have to have it all figured out right now.

Do you know what I had figured out when I decided to move? A part time job in retail and a friends couch to stay on. That was it. And I have a college degree and two years of post grad work experience. I got called crazy. Do what makes you happy. Surround yourself with good humans. Live where you want. Have faith in your own capabilities. Ask for help. No one really has life figured out. But maybe you could be the first…one day. Let me know when you do. I’d love to hear how you handle taxes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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