This Is What Happens When You Learn To Ride The Wave Of Uncertainty And Live In The Present

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I used to fear the unknown. The thought of not being able to have it all figured out by a certain age scared the shit out of me. From a young age we are told step by step what to do with our lives, but then our mid-20s come along and then suddenly the next step isn’t so clear, yet there’s still this pressure to find the answer on your own.

We stress ourselves out and in a sense stop living to our full potential at times when we are focused on planning rather than living. Stop, take a breath and enjoy the present. Here’s what will happen when you learn to ride the wave:

Sometimes the wave takes you down a path you wouldn’t have gone down

When you learn to trust the present, it might take you in a direction you didn’t plan for. Sometimes other people’s relationships with you change your direction as an effect. Sometimes an opportunity in a new place will change your setting, and with that, your mindset. When you learn to ride the wave, it’ll usually take you to new places with new people. Just remember that though change is scary, it usually leads to good things.

You don’t have a plan and therefore can’t be let down

Expectations are the root of all pain. When you think things will turn out a certain way and they don’t, you’ll usually feel upset. Sometimes life doesn’t work out as we had planned it would in our head. When you get rid of that expectation, you’ll also get rid of the stress you inflict on yourself.

Sometimes the wave crashes on you

Riding the wave isn’t always easy. Sometimes the wave will look manageable at first glance, and then you’ll find that you’ve gotten more than you asked for. Though you try to fight it at first and swim with the current, you may still get knocked down. But getting knocked down doesn’t have to be bad when you learn to accept the lessons it’s trying to teach you about life.

You eventually become less stressed

When you learn to accept that some things are beyond your control, you’ll find that the weight you put on your shoulders will be lifted. Planning can only get you so far because the truth is that things don’t always go according to plan. When you learn to accept possible change and give up a little bit of the control you’re trying to hold onto, you’ll find that you’ll accept that shit happens sometimes and that’s okay.

What I’m really trying to say is that sometimes the best thing to do is to just simply go with the flow. Trust the timing of your life and appreciate every encounter you randomly have along the way. TC mark

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