My LA Manifesto: Part 1

In Los Angeles, everyone is a star everywhere you look – the crazy homeless dude singing Michael Jackson on Hollywood Blvd every single night is just as much a star as all of the Beverly Hills ladies that brunch and lunch and the actress waitresses that serve them.

LA is by far, hands down, the silliest place I have ever been, not to mention ever lived in. I mean, they named an airport after John Wayne, lol. Anyways, I think, for a bit, I desperately need to remove myself from the City of Angels. I’m unhappy walking the path I’m on right now so I feel as though the only solution I have is to go get started paving another one.

Does anyone ever feel like that? Does anyone ever feel like cheers-ing the future cause you’re so over with the past and so over what you’ve accidentally become? I mean, within every hundred feet the world changes completely. That’s amazing. Mark Twain would be disappointed in all of us for not exploring, dreaming and discovering. Although, I do have to give it to LA and its one cultural advantage, you know, turning right on a red light – that is something I will probably miss dearly…

I digress. LA has claimed a special place in my heart, one that I’ll carry with me forever. Those days where I’m driving with my roof down and the sun and the sky form the most beautiful slowly evolving watercolor painting, I can only describe my feelings as truly lucky as I turn my face into the sun, smile and let the shadows fall behind me – #blessed, lol.

There I go, almost talking myself into staying, lol. I guess I really only need one reason to stay here… if I’m given that one reason, then I’ll turn right back around… but you gotta make me change my mind, California, because right now you’re not saving me and nobody else is going to either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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