12 Essential Tips For Dating An Older Man


1. Wisdom

He’s been there and he’s done that. You’ve heard the saying, “with age comes wisdom”. Use this to your advantage: learn from him.

2. You are always going to be younger

As such, you are always going to be the hot, younger girlfriend. Just make sure you aren’t a trophy girlfriend, you know, unless you want to be.

3. Take complete advantage of his manly hero powers

Enjoy the chivalry that comes with age, most men don’t do this anymore.

4. Time stamp yourself–it’s hot

Boyfriend: “I started coming to this conference 10 years ago!”
Girlfriend: “…when I was 14.”

5. Always be yourself

Don’t pretend to be mature when you’re not and don’t pretend to be immature when you’re not.

6. Accept the fact that there is a generation gap

He will never get your references to specific scenes from Full House or Boy Meets World and you will never get his references to… uh… things from his generation.

7. Stop complaining about getting older

Turning 25 when he’s close to 40? I know. It’s hard. 25 is halfway to 50. Complain to your friends about age instead.

8. Don’t push his buttons

Try your hardest to not make him feel older than he actually is.

9. The nickname

Nicknames are cool, but not when they are something along the lines of Silver fox. Seriously though, that’s been my dads “nickname” since I can remember. It reminds him of his age.

Men get better looking with age

Fact. Two words: George Clooney. Case and Point.

11. Choose wisely

You’ll have relations with older guys that just want to bone because you’re fresh meat–I sure have–But you can’t rule out all older guys, you just have to choose wisely.

12. Don’t remind him…

Hearing is one of our senses that diminishes over time. Don’t point it out. TC mark


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