5 Apps That Should Exist For Lazy College Kids


1. The Ramen Converter

If there’s one concept college kids don’t understand, it’s the true value of a dollar. One thing they do seem to get, however, is the value of a cheap sodium-filled meal. With the Ramen Converter, you simply input the price of that expensive purchase you’re debating (shoes, purse, late-night pizza) and out comes the conversion of just how many meals you’ll miss out on if you spend that kind of cash. You’ll never have to ask yourself “how many ramens does this cost?” ever again!

2. Help! I Can’t Find ‘Em!

We’ve all had that overwhelming sensation of, “holy Lord I just lost my friends among the 5,000 drunk people at this concert”. Well fear no further because HICFE will connect you to the intoxicated friend of your choosing – pinpointing their exact location right down to their spot as the third stumbling girl in line for the bathroom.   It’s 76% effective in finding your friend just in time to hold her hair back in the stall.

3. The Underwear Countdown

It’s no surprise that college students hate doing laundry. Having to lug a pile of dirty jeans and sweats to the closest Laundromat is the furthest thing from entertaining. Procrastinators rejoice! This sweet new app will keep track of just how many pairs of underwear you have left – essentially giving you a laundry countdown that allows you to effectively procrastinate until the very last minute. Never over-estimate the population of your underwear drawer again, they’ll guarantee it.

4. Who Are You Again?

There’s nothing worse than forgetting what happened the night before, especially when it comes to awkward greetings the next day from people who know your name, offer up high-fives, or give the ol’ smirk and wink. This is where WAYA comes in! Just snap a totally-not-creepy photo (from two dining hall tables away) and this app will use its face recognition technology to compare this photo to others. It’ll tirelessly scan your camera roll, Facebook, and Instagram until in makes a connection. What you do with this connection is up to you, but at least you can now faintly remember Mr. Smirk-and-wink and your embarrassing karaoke duet to Hootie & The Blowfish last Thursday night.

5. Broke and aLoan

Broke and aLoan understands that sometimes you need to borrow money. They also understand that sometimes you can’t think of a good excuse. This useful little app will provide you with a semi-believable excuse to help you ask for cash from your parents. Our top-rated excuses of the month include:

“Great news, Mom! My professor has suggested some additional reading materials to enhance my classroom experience! Could I borrow $___?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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